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Autor: Eric Cooper
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Introduction PART I 'A Vast and Admirable Land' The Increase of the Earth Land of Beautiful Horses PART II If One, Why So Many? City of God PART III Elite Society The Warlords Conclusion Endnotes Primary Sources Bibliography Index
This is the first in-depth historical study of Byzantine Cappadocia. The authors draw on extensive textual and archaeological materials to examine the nature and place of Cappadocia in the Byzantine Empire from the fourth through eleventh centuries.
Autor: Eric Cooper, Michael Decker
MICHAEL DECKER Maroulis Professor of Byzantine History and Orthodox Religion at the University of South Florida, USA. He earned his DPhil from Oxford University and was Andrew Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow at Rice University in Houston. He has written extensively on Byzantine Syria and agrarian history of the Levant.J. ERIC COOPER earned his DPhil from Oxford University, UK. Since then, he has worked for several leading Wall Street firms before becoming the CEO of the consultancy firm Akrites, LLC. He has published in several fields and maintains an active interest in Byzantine history and archaeology.
Autor: Eric Cooper
ISBN-13:: 9780230361065
ISBN: 0230361064
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Gewicht: 557g
Seiten: 339
Sprache: Englisch
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