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Introduction Enfolded: Skin, Culture and Psychoanalysis; Sheila L. Cavanagh, Angela Failler and Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst 1. From the Skin Ego to the Psychic Envelope: An Introduction to the Work of Didier Anzieu; Marc Lafrance 2. Comedic Skin Eruptions: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Austin Powers; Sheila Kunkle 3. The Surfacing of the Self: The Clothing-Ego; Stella North 4. The Red Thing: Fabrics and Fetishism in Nella Larsen's Quicksand ; Sara Davis 5. Writing Skin: Esthetics and Transcendence in Junichiro Tanizaki's 'The Tattooer'; Andrew Hock Soon Ng 6. The Skin-Textile in Cosmetic Surgery; Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst 7. Narrative Skin Repair: Bearing Witness to Mediatized Representations of Self-Harm; Angela Failler 8. Split Skin: Adolescent Cutters and the Other; Erica D. Galioto 9. Disrupting the Skin-Ego: See-Sickness and the Real in The Flagellation of a Virgin ; Shawn Thomson 10. "White Trash:" Abject Skin in Film Reviews of Monster ; Sheila L. Cavanagh Index
An interdisciplinary study of skin bridging cultural and psychoanalytic theory to consider how the body's "exterior" is central to human subjectivity and relations. The authors explore racialization, body modification, self-harm, and comedic representations of skin, drawing from the clinical domain, visual arts, popular culture, and literature.
Editiert von: S. Cavanagh, A. Failler, R. Hurst
SARA DAVIS is the book exhibits manager at University of Pennsylvania Press, and a doctoral candidate in American Literature at Temple University, USA ERICA D. GALIOTO is Associate Professor of English at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, USA SHEILA KUNKLE is Assistant Professor of the College of Individualized Studies of Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA MARC LAFRANCE is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada ANDREW HOCK SOON NG is Senior Lecturer in Literary Studies at Monash University Malaysia STELLA NORTH is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia SHAWN THOMSON is a doctoral candidate in the Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought at York University, Canada
Autor: S. Cavanagh
ISBN-13:: 9780230365063
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