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Autor: Hilary Footitt
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Languages and the Military

Palgrave Studies in Languages at War
Alliances, Occupation and Peace Building
Preface Notes on Contributors Introduction: Languages and the Military: Alliances, Occupation and Peace-Building; H.Footitt One Army, Many Languages: Foreign Troops and Linguistic Diversity in the Eighteenth-Century French Military; C.Tozzi 'Amidst Clamour and Confusion': Civilian and Military Linguists at War in the Franco-Irish Campaigns Against Britain (1792-1804); S.Kleinman Fighting Together: Language Issues in the Military Coordination of First World War Allied Coalition Warfare; F.Heimburger Languages at War: a UK Ministry of Defence Perspective; J.Lewis The Language Policy of the Italian Army in the Occupied Slovenian Territories, 1915-17; P.Svoljsak Mediating for the Third Reich: On Military Translation Cultures in World War II in Northern Finland; P.Kujamäki When Bosnia was a Commonwealth Country: British Forces and Their Interpreters in Republika Srpska, 1995-2007; C.Baker A Bilingual Officer Remembers Korea: a Closer Look at Untrained Interpreters in the Korean War; M.M.F.Sánchez Victims of War: Refugees' First Contacts with the British in the Second World War; S.Tobia Jailtacht: the Irish Language and the Conflict in Northern Ireland; D.M.G.Chríost The AIIC Project to Help Interpreters in Conflict Areas; L.Fitchett Learning the Language of 'The Other' in Conflict-Ridden Cyprus: Exploring Barriers and Possibilities; C.Charalambous Resolving Conflict via English: the British Council's Peacekeeping English Project; P.Hare & N.Fletcher Did Serbo-Croat Die with Yugoslavia?: a Different View of Language and Identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina; L.Askew Exhibiting the 'Foreign' in a National Museum: Imperial War Museum London and Languages at War; J.Taylor Conclusion: Communication, Identity and Representation Through Languages in War; M.Kelly Index
Through detailed case studies ranging from the 18th century until today,this book explores the role of foreign languages in military alliances, in occupation and in peace building. It brings together academic researchers and practitioners from the museum and interpreting worlds and the military.
Autor: Hilary Footitt
ISBN-13:: 9780230365513
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Gewicht: 452g
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