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Autor: Eleonora Belfiore
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Introduction: Reframing the 'Value' Debate for the Humanities; Eleonora Belfiore and Anna Upchurch PART I: THE HUMANITIES AND THEIR 'IMPACT' 1. The "Rhetoric of Gloom" vs. the Discourse of Impact in the Humanities: Stuck in a Deadlock?; Eleanora Belfiore 2. Speaking out in a Digital world: Humanities Values, Humanities Processes; Jan Parker PART II: UTILITY VS. VALUE 3. The Futility of the Humanities; Michael Bérubé 4. Fahrenheit 451 - The higher Philistinism; Jim McGuigan 5. Speaking of Impact... Languages and the Utility of the Humanities; David Looseley PART III: THE HUMANITIES AND INTERDISCIPLINARITY 6. The Histories of Medicine: Toward an Applied History of Medicine; Howard I. Kushner and Leslie S. Leighton 7. Productive Interactions: Geography and the Humanities; Connie Johnston PART IV: MEANING-MAKING AND THE MARKET 8. Museums and the Search for Meaning in the "Necessary Context" of the Market; Mark O'Neill 9. Values and Sustainability at Penland School of Crafts; Anna Upchurch and Jean McLaughlin PART V: DIGITIZATION, ETHICS AND THE HUMANITIES 10. The Humanities & Open Access Publishing: A New Paradigm of Value?; Eleonora Belfiore 11. Digital Right and the Ethics of Digitization: a Case Study in Technology and Implicit Contracts; Rick McGeer 12. Hacking the Humanities: 21st Century Literacies and the "Becoming-Other" of the Humanities; Mark J.V. Olson Bibliography Index
This collection of essays by scholars with expertise in a range of fields, cultural professionals and policy makers explores different ways in which the arts and humanities contribute to dealing with the challenges of contemporary society in ways that do not rely on simplistic and questionable notions of socio-economic impact as a proxy for value.
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Michael Bérubé, Pennsylvania State University, USA Connie Johnston, Massachusetts, USA Howard I. Kushner, USA Leslie S. Leighton, Emory University, USA David Looseley, University of Leeds, UK Rick McGeer, Information Infrastructure Lab of HP Labs in Palo Alto, California, USA Jim McGuigan, Loughborough University, UK and IFK Internationales Forchungszentrum Kulturwissenshaften, Vienna, Austria Jean W. McLaughlin, Penland School of Crafts, USA Mark J.V. Olson, Duke University, USA Mark O'Neill, Glasgow Life, Glasgow, Scotland Jan Parker, Humanities Higher Education Research Group.
Autor: Eleonora Belfiore
ISBN-13:: 9780230366657
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