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Autor: Harukiyo Hasegawa
ISBN-13: 9780230367388
Einband: Taschenbuch
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Format: 248x190x16 mm
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Asian Business and Management

Theory, Practice and Perspectives
Fully updated with the latest research, it is divided into two parts, one dealing with major contextual and theoretical issues of business and management, and the other with fresh and topical analysis regarding recent changes in management in the major Asian nations. The book brings together work from leading authorities and a unique focus on CSR.
Preface and Introduction.- PART I: ASIAN BUSINESS SYSTEMS MAJOR ISSUES.- 1. The Business System of Asia; Gordon Redding.- 2. Asian Cultures and Business Systems in Asia; Carlos Noronha and Harukiyo Hasegawa.- 3. Accounting and Corporate Governance in Asia; Carlos Noronha.- 4. Human Resources Management in Asia; Rosalie Tung.- 5. Technology Development in Asia; Leonard Lynn.- 6. Regionalism and Production Networks in Asia; Andrew Staple.- 7. Sustainable Development and CSR in Asia; Philippe Debroux.- PART II: VARIETIES OF BUSINESS SYSTEMS IN ASIA.- 8. The Business System of Japan; Michael Witt.- 9. The Business System of China; Robert Taylor.- 10. The Business System of India; Vipin Gupta.- 11. The Business System of Korea; Martin Hemmert.- 12 . The Business System of Singapore; Tony Garrett.- 13 . The Business System of Malaysia; Axele Giroud.- 14 . The Business System of the Philippines; Mari Kondo.- 15 . The Business System of Thailand; Pornkasem Kantamara.- 16 . The Business System of Vietnam; Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai and Mai The Cuong
The second edition of this core textbook, edited and contributed to by recognised international authorities on the subject, outlines the critical contextual and theoretical issues of business and management in Asia and offers a fresh, topical analysis of management in the major Asian nations. Featuring an accessible two-part structure and updated with the latest research, the book will enable students to assess Asian management systems and the strategies adopted by corporations and governments. The text's thought-provoking teaching and learning tools guide students through a number of the key issues in the field, including globalization, regionalism, corporate social responsibility, ethics and sustainability.
This is an ideal textbook for upper-level undergraduates and MBA/MA students studying modules in Asian Business and Management. In addition, it is an essential text for managers and executives seeking a more realistic understanding of business and management in Asia as an evolving adaptive system.
Editiert von: Harukiyo Hasegawa, Carlos Noronha
Harukiyo Hasegawa is Honorary Fellow of White Rose East Asia Centre at the University of Sheffield, UK and Founding Editor of Asian Business & Management.
Carlos Noronha is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau, China, Visiting Professor/Researcher at Doshisha Business School, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan and an Associate Editor of Asian Business & Management.
Autor: Harukiyo Hasegawa
ISBN-13:: 9780230367388
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Verlag: Macmillan Education
Gewicht: 765g
Seiten: 388
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