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Autor: J. Hayward
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European Disunion

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics
Between Sovereignty and Solidarity
Introduction;Jack Hayward and Rüdiger K.W. Wurzel 1. Union without Concensus; J.Hayward Part I Enfeebled Democratic Legitimacy 2. The Difficult Emergence of a European People; Michael Bruter 3. A Nascent Transnational Civili Society; Elizabeth Monaghan 4. An Obdurately National Party Politics; Robert Ladrech Part II Institutional Deadlock: A Surfeit of Would-be Leaders 5. National Governments, the European Council and Councils of Ministers: A Plurality of Sovereignties. Member State Soverreigns without an EU Sovereign; Jack Hayward 6. The European Commission Bureaucracy: Handling Sovereingty throught the Back and Front Doors; Edward C. Page 7. The Empowerment of Parliaments in EU Interrogations: Victims or Victors?; Maja Kluger Rasmussen 8. National Courts and European Union Courts; Patrick Birkinshaw 9. Defending the Euro: Unity and Disunity among Europe's Central Bankers; David Howarth 10. Territorial Flexibility; Michael Keating Part III Policy Divergences and Convergences 11. Foreign and Defence Policy: The Sovereignty Obsession and the Quest for Elusive Solidarity; Anand Menon 12. Economics and Monetary Disunion?; Kenneth Dyson 13. Social and Labour Market Policy: The (Re-)Emergence of Competitive Tension; Nick Parsons 14. From Environmental Disunion towards Envirnomental Union?: Rüdiger K.W. Wurzel Part IV Adjusting to the REceding Sovereignty of Member States 15. A Contested Franco-German Duumvirate; William Paterson 16. Opt-out: Britain's Unsplendid Isolation; Philip Norton 17. The Nordic Countries: The Causes and Consequences of Variable Geometry; Nick Sitter 18. Southern European and the 'Trade-off': Architects of European Disunion?; Martin J. Bull 19. The Central and East European Countries: From Weak Latecomers to Good Citizens of the Union; Vesselin Dimitrov Conclusion: European Disunion: Between Solidarity and Sovereignty; Rüdiger K.W. Wurzel and Jack Hayward
The Euro crisis catapulted the EU into its most serious political crisis since its inception, leaving it torn between opposing demands for more sovereignty and solidarity. This volume focuses on the key themes of disunion, sovereignty and solidarity. It assesses the main EU institutions: member states, civil society actors and policy areas.
Autor: J. Hayward
ISBN-13:: 9780230367739
ISBN: 0230367739
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