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Autor: F. Laursen
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Designing the European Union

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics
From Paris to Lisbon
List of Tables Preface Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: On the Study of EU Treaties and Treaty Reforms; F.Laursen The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Defence Community (EDC) Treaties of Paris; I.Glockner & B.Rittberger All Roads Lead to Rome: Background, Content and Legacy of the European Economic and Atomic Energy Communities; J.Roy The 1965 Merger Treaty: The First Reform of the Founding European Community Treaties; F.Laursen The 1970 and 1975 Budget Treaties: Enhancing the Democratic Architecture of the Community; A-C.L.Knudsen The Single European Act: Revitalizing European Integration; D.Dinan The Treaty of Maastricht: Designing the European Union; C.Mazzucelli The Amsterdam Treaty: Modest Reforms; S.Vanhoonacker The Treaty of Nice: The Inadequate Preparation of Enlargement; F.Laursen The Constitutional Treaty: The Failed Formal Constitutionalization; D.Beach The Treaty of Lisbon: Constitutional Treaty, Episode II; J.Ziller Conclusions: So What do we Know about EU Treaties and their Reforms? And Where may we be Going?; F.Laursen
This book outlines the content of the main treaties that form the 'constitutional' basis of the European Union and analyses changes in these over time. The EU has expanded its policy scope and taken in many more members transferring powers to common supranational institutions in a way seen nowhere else in the world.
Autor: F. Laursen
ISBN-13:: 9780230367760
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Gewicht: 534g
Seiten: 317
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