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Organizational Olympians

Heroes and Heroines of Organizational Myths
Introduction to the Trilogy: Mythologies of Organizational Everyday Life; M.Kostera Introduction to Volume 1: The Heroes and Villains of Organization; M.Kostera Louhi, the Mistress of Northland: the Power of the Loner; I.Aaltio Engaged Leadership: Living the Myth and Embodying the Legend of the Olympian Athlete; E.P.Antonacopoulou From Managers to Artists and Priests: On Transformation and Development of Organizational Leaders; D.Bourne The Uncanny Organization Man - Superhero Myths And Contemporary Management Discourse; A.Rehn & M.Lindhal From Rags to Riches - a Fairy Tale or Living Ethos? Stories of Polish Entrepreneurship During and After Transformation of 1989; M.Ciesielska "I could have been like Lou Barlow, but I'm more like Ken Barlow": Long-stayers as Heroes or Failures; Y.Guerrier Little Johnny and the Wizard of OS - the PC User as a Fool Hero; D.Jemielniak An Emerging Legend of a Kosovar heroine: Narrating Female Entrepreneurs; L.Olaison Elzbieta Pakszys: Gender-content-Myths and their Role in Nation Forming; E.Palszys Appendix 1: Greuceanu: The Heavy and the Great Man. 163 The Hard-working Hero/ine among Phantoms, Donors and Dark Forces: On Mythical Features in Polish Organizational Imagination; K.W.Boström 167 Mighty McManus Mystery, Myth and Modernity; T.Watson Myth and Charisma as Symbolic Capital: The Case of Architecture; A.Styhre & M.Sundgren Paradise Lost - Impartiality of an Arbitrator; J.Jemielniak The Film Producer: A Scapegoat or/and a Midwife in the Film Making Process; M.Soila-Wadman The Witchcraft of Professionalism - the Attractiveness of Ideal Types of Professions; K.Jonnergård
The first volume in a series of three focuses on myth in everyday organizational life, pertaining to individual actors: heroes and heroines, and the roles they play in organizations. Attitudes and temperaments, as well as professional ethos, are narrated and mythologized to reveal an archetypal dimension of organizing and organizations.
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IIRIS AALTIO is Professor at the University of Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. ELENA ANTONACCOPOULOU is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the University of Liverpool Management School, UK. DIRK BUNZEL has studied in Germany and Australia and after researching the Future of Work in Scottish call centres and software firms, Dirk has been lecturing at Keele University in England since 2001. MALGORZATA CIELSIELSKA is a doctoral student at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). She graduated in management and marketing (MA with honors) from the School of Management of Warsaw University (Poland) in 2003 DOROTA BOURNE has worked on research projects that addressed international knowledge transfer, the idea of the built-in quality, a difference between organizational image and identity and the application of the Personal Construct Psychology in business YVONNE GUERRIER is Professor of Organization Studies and Dean of the School of Business and Social Sciences at Roehampton University, UK DARIUSZ JEMIELNIAK is Assistant Professor of management at Kozminski Business School (Poland) and a visiting researcher at Cornell University (2004-2005), Harvard University (2007) and University of California Berkeley (2008), USA JOANNA JEMIELNIAK is an Assistant Professor at Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, Warsaw, Poland KARIN JONNERGARD is Professor in corporate governance and management control at the University of Växjö and also connected to the University of Lund. She is research leader at the Forum for Research on Professions, Växjö University and the member of the research group Corporate Entrepreneurship and Governance MIHAELA KELEMEN is Professor or Management Studies at Keele University, UK. MARCUS LINDAHL is Assistant Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden MONIKA KOSTERA is Ordinary Professor in Management, Professor at Växjö and Warsaw Universities SUMOHON MATILAL is a doctoral student in the Department of Accounting, Finance and Management, at the University of Essex, UK LENA OLAISON is a doctoral candidate in management at the Department of Accounting, Finance and Management, University of Essex, UK ELZBIETA PAKSZYS is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Philosophy Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. ALF REHN holds a Chair of Management and Organization at Åbo Akademi University, and is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden MARJA SOILA-WADMAN is Assistant Professor at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden ALEXANDER STYHRE is Professor in technology management, specializing in project management at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden MATS SUNDGREN is a Principal Scientist, Clinical Development, Astra Zeneca R&D Mölndal, Sweden TONY WATSON is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Nottingham University Business School, UK KATARZYNA WOLANIK BOSTROM works as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Culture and Media/ Ethnology at Umeå University in Sweden
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