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Autor: Monika Kostera
ISBN-13: 9780230515734
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Monika Kostera: Introduction to Volume 3: Inspiring Tales; M.Kostera Reflections of Medusa; H.Höpfl Magnus Forslund: Heavy Metal Managing; M.Forslund The superheroes; H.Nilson Cats, Turtles, Grinches and Pachyderms: Mythical Inspirations for Organizational Realities in Dr. Seuss; J.A.Tyler Possessed By The Organization? Dante's Inferno On Earth; P.Piatowski Eve Harrington and All About Alliances; K.Klincewicz Representations of the Ideal as Symbols of Subversion; C.Schwabenland The Displaced World of Risk Management: Covert Enchantment in a Calculative World; P.Pelzer & P.Case Divine inspiration for deities? F.Bill& A.Hytter Living between myths: experiences at Wells Fargo Bank; D.Boje & L.M.Adorisio Heinz Von Stem On The Myth Of Myths - Confessions of a Master Mythmaker; P.Guillet de Monthuox Leading and Learning Through Myth and Metaphor; L.Fritzén Open Sesame or Pandora's Box? Concluding Remarks on Organizing, Archetypes and the Power of Mythmaking; M.Kostera
The third volume in a series of three focuses on myth in everyday organizational life. The mythical narratives presented in this volume serve as metaphors of an organizational issue that can take inspiration from or be better understood through the myth to reveal an archetypal dimension of organizing and organizations.
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FREDERIC BILL is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and Economics, Växjö University, Sweden. His research deals with entrepreneurship and business development and he has a PhD in Business Administration DAVID M. BOJE is Professor, and Endowed Bank of America Professor in Business Administration in the Management Department at New Mexico State University, USA PETER CASE is Professor of Organization Studies, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK MAGNUS FORSLUND is Assistant professor at School of Management& Economics, Växjö University, Sweden LENA FRITZEN is Associated Professor in pedagogy at Växjö University, Sweden HEATHER HOPFL is Professor of Management at the University of Essex, UK ANDERS HYTTER has a PhD in Business Administration, and is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and Economics, Växjö University, Sweden KRZYSZTOF KLINCEWICZ is lecturer at the School of Management, University of Warsaw and a chartered marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, experienced in business development in IT industry MONIKA KOSTERA is Ordinary Professor in Management, Professor at Växjö University, Sweden and Warsaw University, Poland ANNA LINDA MUSACCHIO ADORISIO is currently visiting at New Mexico State University, USA, working on a research fellowship awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation HENRIETTA NILSON has many years of experience running and managing businesses. Since completing her Master's degree in Finance she has worked as a business developer and consultant for different organizations and companies PERNILLA NILLSON is a PhD student at Umeå School of Business, Sweden. In her doctoral thesis work she is focusing upon gendered aspects of Organisational Identity processes in business advice PETER PELZER is working as independent consultant for banks and as visiting reader at the University for Humanistics, Utrecht, The Netherlands PRZEMYSLAW PIATKOWSKI graduated from Warsaw University School of Management and is currently writing a doctoral thesis, an ethnography of the Catholic prelature of Opus Dei, at the University of Essex, UK CHRISTINA SCHWABENLAND completed a PhD at the University of East London into stories about the founding of voluntary organizations in the UK and in India. She is now teaching and researching at London Metropolitan University, UK JO TYLER is Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University, USA
Autor: Monika Kostera
ISBN-13:: 9780230515734
ISBN: 0230515738
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan UK, Macmillan Education
Gewicht: 244g
Seiten: 189
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2008
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