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Autor: Janet Stocks
ISBN-13: 9780230517028
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Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: The Role of Money in "Doing Couple"; J.Stocks An Overview: Research on Couples and Money; S.Dema & C.Nyman Our Methods; C.Díaz , C.Nyman & J.Stocks Elusive Independence in a Context of Gender in Sweden; C.Nyman & L.Reinikainen The Meaning of Breadwinning in Dual-Earner Couples; F.Wilson & J.Stocks The Intertwining of Money and Love in Couple Relationships; C.Díaz-Martínez , S.Dema & M.Ibáñez Doing Gender While Doing Couple: Concluding Remarks; B.Halleröd , C.Díaz & J.Stocks Appendix A Protocol for Interviewing Couples Appendix B Protocol for Interviewing Individuals Appendix C Standardized demographic Survey Questionnaire Appendix D The Comprehensive Code List for Analysis of Interviews References Index
This collection is the result of a five-year-long collaboration of sociologists in Sweden, Spain and the United States. In-depth, extended interviews with couples explore their daily lives and provide insights into the impact of modernity, gender roles, and expectations of the meaning of money and the complex financial reality of households.
Editiert von: Janet Stocks, Capitolina Díaz-Martínez, Björn Halleröd
SANDRA DEMA University of Oviedo, Spain MARTA IBÁÑEZ University of Oviedo, Spain CHARLOTT NYMAN Umeå University, Sweden LASSE REINIKAINEN Umeå University, Sweden FRANK WILSON University of Pittsburgh, USA
Autor: Janet Stocks
ISBN-13:: 9780230517028
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Gewicht: 392g
Seiten: 196
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