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Governance, Consumers and Citizens

Consumption and Public Life
Agency and Resistance in Contemporary Politics
List of Tables Notes on Contributors Introduction: Consumption and Citizenship in the New Governance; M.Bevir & F.Trentmann PART 1: INTERPRETING GOVERNANCE The Construction of Governance; M.Bevir Governance as Cultural Practice: Texts, Talk and the Struggle for Meaning; J.Newman Consuming Social Science; C.Donovan PART 2: CONTESTED CONSUMERS 'It's Not Like Shopping': Citizens, Consumers and the Reform of Public Services; J.Clarke The Governance of Health Policy in the United Kingdom; I.Greener, M.Powell, N.Mills & S.Doheny Regulating Markets in the Interest of Consumers? On the Changing Regime of Governance in the Financial Service and Communications Sectors; P.Lunt & S.Livingstone PART 3: NEW PERSPECTIVES After Modernism: Local Reasoning, Consumption, and Governance; M.Bevir & F.Trentmann Critical Theory in a Swing: Political Consumerism between Politics and Policy; H.P.Bang Problematizing Choice: Responsible Consumers and Sceptical Citizens; A.Malpass, C.Barnett, N.Clarke & P.Cloke CONCLUSION Reflections on Governance from an International Perspective; B.Morgan Index
This is the first book to focus on governance and cultures of consumption, expanding the debate and raising new conceptions and policy agendas. It questions the changing place of the consumer as citizen in recent trends in governance, the tensions between competing ideas and practices of consumerism, and the active role of consumers in governance.
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HENRIK P. BANG is Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark CLIVE BARNETT is Reader in Human Geography, Open University, UK JOHN CLARKE is Professor of Social Policy, Open University, UK NICK CLARKE is Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Southampton, UK PAUL CLOKE is Professor of Human Geography, University of Bristol, UK SHANE DOHENY is Research Associate, University of Manchester, UK CLAIRE DONOVAN is Research Fellow, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, Australia IAN GREENER is Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management, Centre for Public Policy and Management, University of Manchester, UK SONIA LIVINGSTONE is Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics, UK PETER LUNT is Professor of Communications and Media Studies, Brunel University, UK ALICE MALPASS is Research Associate, Primary Health Care, University of Bristol, UK NICK MILLS is Research Associate, University of Manchester, UK BRONWEN MORGAN is Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, School of Law, University of Bristol, UK JANET NEWMAN is Professor of Social Policy, Open University, UK MARTIN POWELL is Professor of Social Policy, University of Stirling, UK
Autor: M. Bevir
ISBN-13:: 9780230517288
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