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Improving Local Government

Governance and Public Management
Outcomes of Comparative Research
Introduction; P.S.Reddy, M.S.Haque & Vries Metropolitan Governance in Latin America; C.A.Rodriguez-Acosta & A.Rosenbaum Local Governance in South Asia; M.S.Haque Metropoles in Africa; P.S.Reddy Using Indigenous Knowledge; G.I.Nwaka The Crux of Intergovernmental Relations; A.J.Geldenhuys Improving Local Management; H.Kroukamp & L.Lues The Role of Community Leadership; L. du Plessis Involving Private Enterprise in Local Development; K.Göymen Best Practices in Local Government; C.W.Andrews Conclusion; M.S.Haque, M.De Vries & P.S.Reddy
Local governments encounter many problems, and although there is not one panacea that works internationally, this book argues that there are mechanisms to improve local situations. By drawing on case studies from the developing world, the authors review best practices in good governance.
Editiert von: P. Reddy, M. Haque, Michiel S. de Vries
MICHIEL S. DE VRIES is Professor in Public Administration, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
P.S. REDDY is Professor in the School of Public Administration, University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

M.SHAMSUL HAQUE is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore.
Autor: P. Reddy
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