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Autor: G. Potts
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Preface Notes on Contributors List of Abbreviations Back to Bloomsbury; C.Woolf The Voyage Back: Woolf's revisions and returns; S.Raitt 'Young writers might do worse': Anne Thackeray Ritchie, Virginia Stephen and Virginia Woolf; B.Rigel Daugherty Mapping the Ghostly City: Cambridge, A Room of One's Own and the University Novel; A.Bogen London Rooms; M.Shiach Leonard and Virginia's London Library: Mapping London's Tides, Streams and Statues; E.K.Sparks Sense of Self and Sense of Place in Orlando : Virginia Woolf's Aesthetics of Pantomime; C.Marie 'My own ghost met me': Woolf's 1930s photographs, death and Freud's Acropolis; M.Humm Woolf, Fry, and the Psycho-Aesthetics of Solidity; B.Harvey Virginia Woolf and Changing Conceptions of Nature; C.Alt Comparative Modernism: The Bloomsbury Group and the Harlem Renaissance; K.Czarnecki Sketches of Carlyle's House by Two Visitors, a Young Virginia Woolf and a Japanese Novelist, Soseki Natsume; M.Minow-Pinkney Bibliography Index
This volume features new essays by eminent and emerging Woolf scholars, focusing on the aesthetics and influences of Virginia Woolf's work. Themes include eco-criticism, conceptions of intellectual women, spaces and places, and Woolf beyond Bloomsbury. The volume opens with a personal reflection by Cecil Woolf, nephew of Leonard and Virginia Woolf.
Autor: G. Potts
ISBN-13:: 9780230517660
ISBN: 0230517668
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Gewicht: 390g
Seiten: 188
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