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Autor: Cheryl Phillips
ISBN-13: 9780230517738
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Introducing Critical Bodies: Representations, Practices and Identities of Weight and Body Management; P.Markula , M.Burns & S.Riley SECTION 1: Representations and Constructions of Body Weight and Body Management; S.Wiggins Deconstructing Un/healthy Body Weight and Weight Management; H.Malson 'I Feel Ridiculous About Having Had It': Critical Readings of Lived and Mediated Stories on Eating Disorders; P.Saukko Learning to be Healthy, Dying to be Thin: The Representation of Weight Via Body Perfection Codes in Schools; E.Rich, & J.Evans SECTION 2: Constructing Embodied Identities; H.Frith Starving in Cyberspace: The Construction of Identity on 'Pro-eating-disorder' Websites; K.Day & T.Keys Body Talk: Negotiating Body Image and Masculinity; R.Gill Feminist Object Relations Theory and Eating 'Disorders'; C.Heenan SECTION 3: Meanings of Body Management Practices: Women's Experiences; P.Markula Dis/Orders of Weight Control: Bulimic and/or 'Healthy Weight' Practices; M.Burns & N.Gavey Sustaining Imbalance - Evidence of Neglect in the Pursuit of Nutritional Health; L.Aphramor & J.Gingras Older and Younger Women's Experiences of Commercial Weight Loss; D.Gimlin Critical Bodies: Discourses of Health, Gender and Consumption; S.Riley , H. Frith , S.Wiggins, P.Markula & M.Burns
Using work produced from the critical and postmodern arena in social sciences, this book examines three key areas - representation, identities and practice - to explore and interrogate how body and weight management, subjectivities, experiences and practices are constituted within and by the normative discourses of contemporary western culture.
Autor: Cheryl Phillips
ISBN-13:: 9780230517738
ISBN: 0230517730
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan UK, Macmillan Education
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