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Autor: Richard Bradford
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Series Preface Notes on Contributors Chronology Introduction: The History and Present Condition of Theory: A Brief Account Teaching Theory; V.B.Leitch Appendix: Theory Heuristics: Short Guide for Students The Resistance to History: Teaching in the Present; A.Hatfield The Attractions of Theory; J.Le Bihan Syntactics - Semantics - Pragmatics (Still Having One's Cake?); L.Toker The Motivation of Literary Theory: From National Culture to World Literature; S.Shapiro Marketing Theory: An Overview of Theory Guides; A.James From Theory to Practice: Literary Studies in the Classroom; K.Byrne At Home in Theory? Teaching One's Way through the Significant Silences of the French Academy; M.Gonzalez Reading by Recipe: Postcolonial Theory and the Practice of Reading; C.Murphy Do I Hate Theory?; R.Bradford Recommended Further Reading Index
Teaching Theory offers a selection of essays on the pragmatics, benefits and shortcomings of Theory as a key aspect of literature teaching in universities. They range from reflective discussions of Theory as an intellectual challenge for undergraduates to accounts of the day-to-day problems of planning and teaching courses and implementing Theory.
Autor: Richard Bradford
ISBN-13:: 9780230520738
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Gewicht: 397g
Seiten: 193
Sprache: Englisch
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