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Autor: N. Prasad
ISBN-13: 9780230520820
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Social Policies and Private Sector Participation in Water Supply

Social Policy in a Development Context
Beyond Regulation
Foreword; T.Mkandawire Overview - Social Policies and Private Sector Participation in Water Supply; N.Prasad France; A.Reynaud Great Britain - England, Wales and Scotland; J.W.Sawkins& V.A.Dickie Colombia; A.Gómez-Lobo& M.Meléndez Brazil; Oliveira Malaysia; C.Lee Hungary; Z.Boda, G.Scheiring, E.Lobina& D.Hall Burkina Faso; I.Kouanda& M.Moudassir
This book demonstrates that, when reforming the water sector, policymakers should arrange social policies that mitigate the negative impact of reforms. It presents a detailed analysis of the current issues, and uses country studies to show how social policies are vital in ensuring affordable access to water supply.
Autor: N. Prasad
ZSOLT BODA Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Political Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary; Associate Professor, Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary VALERIE DICKIE Research Associate and Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK ANDRÉS GÓMEZ-LOBO Department of Economics, University of Chile, Chile DAVID HALL Director, Public Services International Research Unit, Business School, University of Greenwich, London ISSAKA KOUANDA Doctor in Economics, University Pantheon-Assas (Paris II), France CASSEY LEE HONG KIM Associate Professor of Industrial Economics, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham, UK EMANUELE LOBINA Senior Research Fellow, PSIRU (Public Services International Research Unit), Business School, University of Greenwich, UK MARCELA MELÉNDEZ Research Economist, Inter-American Development Bank MOUHAMAD MOUDASSIR Independent Researcher ARNAUD REYNAUD Researcher, Laboratory of Natural Resources Economics (LERNA), University of Toulouse, France ANDRÉ ROSSI DE OLIVEIRA Associate Professor of Economics, University of Brasília, Brazil JOHN SAWKINS Reader in Economics, Department of Economics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK GÁBOR SCHEIRING Research Consultant, Protect the Future (Védegylet), Hungary
Autor: N. Prasad
ISBN-13:: 9780230520820
ISBN: 0230520820
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan UK, Macmillan Education
Gewicht: 480g
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