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Autor: A. Galasinska
ISBN-13: 9780230521025
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Tables and Figures Notes on Contributors Introduction: Discourses of Social and Political Transformation in the 'New Europe'; M.Krzyzanowski & A.Galasinska Theorising and Analysing Social Change in Central and Eastern Europe: The Contribution of (Critical) Discourse Analysis; M.Krzyzanowski & R.Wodak PART I: TRANSFORMATION(S) OF THE PUBLIC SPHERE (I) - DISCOURSES OF MEDIA AND PUBLIC POLICY Reflecting Social Heteroglossia and Accommodating Diverse Audiences: A Challenge to the Media; B.Busch Contesting Social Space through Language Education Debates in Latvia's Media Landscape; G.Hogan-Brun The (Re)Construction of Refugees in Slovenian Media; I.Z.Zagar PART II: TRANSFORMATION(S) OF THE PUBLIC SPHERE (II) - DISCOURSES OF POLITICS, INSTITUTIONS AND ECONOMY On the 'Europeanisation' of Identity Constructions in Polish Political Discourse after 1989; M.Krzyzanowski Governing Abandoned Children: The Discursive Construction of Space in the Case of 'Babybox'; I.Nosál Critical Juncture: Church Slavonic and the Discourse of Cultural Preservation in Post-Soviet Russia; B.P.Bennett Narrating Transition in East German Company Histories; H.Kelly-Holmes PART III: TRANSFORMATION(S) OF THE SEMI-PUBLIC/SEMI-PRIVATE AND PRIVATE SPHERES - DISCOURSE AND THE EXPERIENCE OF TRANSFORMATION 'Mea culpa': The Social Production of Public Disclosure and Reconciliation with the Past; C.Tileaga Small Stories Fight Back: Narratives of Polish Economic Migration on an Internet Forum; A.Galasinska Narratives of Disenfranchised Self in the Polish Post-Communist Reality; D.Galasinski Notes References Index
This volume explores the discursive nature of post-1989 social change in Central and Eastern Europe. Through a set of national case studies, the construction of post-communist transformation is explored from the point of view of accelerating and unique dynamics of linguistic and discursive practices.
Autor: A. Galasinska
ISBN-13:: 9780230521025
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Gewicht: 445g
Seiten: 243
Sprache: Englisch
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