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Autor: E. Rugraff
ISBN-13: 9780230537064
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Transnational Corporations and Development Policy

Rethinking International Development series
Critical Perspectives
INTRODUCTION PART I: TNCs and Development: An Overview How Have TNCs Changed in the Last Fifty Years?; E. Rugraff, A. Sumner and D. Sánchez-Ancochea What do we Know About Developmental Impacts of TNCs? E. Rugraff, A. Sumner and D. Sánchez-Ancochea PART II: TNCs and Development Policy How TNC-friendly is Development Policy?; E. Rugraff, A. Sumner and D. Sánchez-Ancochea Are North-South Trade Agreements Good for FDI-led Development? The case of DR CAFTA; E. Rugraff, A. Sumner and D. Sánchez-Ancochea PART III: New Players Perspectives Is Indian FDI Developmental?; J. Dige Pedersen Chinese Outward FDI in Africa: How Much do we Know?; A. Crabtree and A. Sumner PART IV: Macro-Perspectives How can we Explain the Behaviour of TNCs in Central Europe?; E. Rugraff, A. Sumner and D. Sánchez-Ancochea Is the Impact of FDI Similar in all Developing Countries? South Africa and Mali Compared; S. Jeppesen and C. Mainguy Does FDI Reduce Poverty? Three Cases from India; M. Tiwari PART V: Sectoral Perspectives How do Linkages with Local Suppliers Affect the Impact of TNCs on Development? The Case of Electronics in Vietnam; I. Vind Does FDI Create Linkages in Mining? The Case of Gold Mining in Ghana; M. Nylandsted Larsen, P. Yankson and N. Fold How Does 'Linking Up With Global Buyers' Impact the Prospects for Upgrading in Pharmaceuticals? The Case in India; S. Jessen Haakonsson
This volume offers a wide-reaching exploration of foreign direct investment and developmental impacts through case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Central Europe, also examining the role of 'new players' such as Chinese, Indian and South African TNCs.
Autor: E. Rugraff
ISBN-13:: 9780230537064
ISBN: 0230537065
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan
Gewicht: 647g
Seiten: 321
Sprache: Englisch
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