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Human Values and Global Governance

Studies in Development, Security and Culture, Volume 2
Foreword; D.Brändström & F.Lundmark Preface: Development, Security and Culture; B.Hettne Introduction; B.Hettne 'Culture', Conflict and Security: Issues and Linkages; Y.R.Isar Theories of the Development of Democracy; H.D.Klingemann & C.Welzel Human Values and Civic Education: Adolescent Orientations towards Gender Equality and Good Citizenship; T.Pettersson Reflections on Reconciliation: The Case of South Africa; U.J. van Beek Arab-Islamic Debates on Dialogue and Conflict between Cultures; N.M.Mostafa Fostering Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: New Strategies and Novel Approaches; A.B.Alaoui Globalization, Hegemony and Difference; C.Mendes The Moral Voice Can be Heard in Different Ways. Global Ethics and Cultural Diversity; G.Bexell The Role of Solidarity in Institutions of Governance; G.Sen Meeting Global Challenges. The Role of Public Goods; G.Andersson Global Governance and the Future of the United Nations; P.Wallensteen Conclusion; B.Hettne
The result of major research on development, security and culture, this collection, and second volume Sustainable Development in a Globalized World , outlines the emerging field of global studies and the theoretical approach of global social theory. It considers social relations and the need for intercultural dialogue to respect 'the other'.
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ASSIA BENSALAH ALAOUI is Ambassador at Large, Morocco GUN-BRITT ANDERSSON is Ambassador, former permanent representative of Sweden to OECD and UNESCO, and former State Secretary for International Development Cooperation URSULA J. VAN BEEK is Professor at the Department of Information Science, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa GÖRAN BEXELL is Professor of Global Ethics, Vice-Chancellor, Lund University, Sweden DAN BRÄNDSTRÖM is former Director of the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation; Chairman of the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond's Sector Committee for Culture, Security and Sustainable Social Development YUDHISHTHIR RAJ ISAR is Jean Monnet Professor of Cultural Policy Studies, the American University of Paris, France; and President, European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH) HAND DIETER KLINGEMANN is Professor of Political Science, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany FREDRIK LUNDMARK is Secretary of the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond's Sector Committee for Culture, Security and Sustainable Social Development, Sweden CANDIDO MENDES is Rector of the Candido Mendes University, Rio de Janeiro NADIA MAHMOUD MOSTAFA is Professor of International Relations, Director of the Program for Civilization Studies and Dialogue of Cultures, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt THORLEIF PETTERSSON is Professor of Sociology of Religion, Uppsala University, Sweden GITA SEN is Professor of Economics, Institute of Management, Bangalore, India PETER WALLENSTEEN is Professor of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden CHRISTIAM WEZEL is Professor at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
Autor: B. Hettne
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