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Autor: J. Raymond
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Conversations with Angels

Essays Towards a History of Spiritual Communication, 1100-1700
Introduction; J.Raymond PART I: NATURAL PHILOSOPHY Strategies of Interspecies Communication, 1100-2000; W.Stephens Angels and the Physics of Place in the Early Fourteenth Century; J.Byrne Galilean Angels; N.Wilding Newtonian Angels; S.Schaffer PART II: MAGIC Speaking with Spirits in Medieval Magic Texts; S.Page False Illuding Spirits & Cownterfeiting Deuills: John Dee's Angelic Conversations and Religious Anxiety; S.Clucas 'Behold, the dreamer cometh': Hyperphysical Magic and Deific Visions in an Early Modern Theosophical Lab-Oratory; P.J.Forshaw PART III: REPRESENTATION Singing with the Angels: Hildegard of Bingen's Representations of Celestial Music; W.Flynn 'And the angel said': Conversations with Angels in Early Modern Music; J.A.Owens Athanasius Kircher's Guardian Angel; I.Rowland PART IV: REFORMATIONS The Guardian Angel in Protestant England; P.Marshall Catholic Reformation and the Cult of Angels in Early Modern England; A.Walsham Mysticism and Politics in C17th England: The Pordages and their Angelical World; J.Raymond
Based on refractions of earlier beliefs, modern angels - at once terrible and comforting, frighteningly other and reassuringly beneficent - have acquired a powerful symbolic value. This interdisciplinary study looks at how humans conversed with angels in medieval and early modern Europe, and how they explained and represented these conversations.
Autor: J. Raymond
ISBN-13:: 9780230552036
ISBN: 023055203X
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Gewicht: 568g
Seiten: 349
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