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Autor: Ivan Leudar
ISBN-13: 9780230552746
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Introduction: Against 'Theory of Mind'; I.Leudar & A.Costall PART I: THEORY AND HISTORY On Historical Antecedents of 'Theory of Mind'; I.Leudar & A.Costall Theory of Mind: The Madness Behind the Method; A.Costall & I.Leudar 'ToM': A Critical Commentary Continued; W.Sharrock & J.Coulter PART II: APPLICATIONS Participants Don't Need Theories: Knowing Minds in Engagement; V.Reddy & P.Morris Specifying Interactional Markers of Schizophrenia in Clinical Consultations; R.McCabe The Roots of Mindblindness; S.Shanker & J.Stieben Who Really Needs a 'Theory' of Mind?; E.Williams Do Animals Need a Theory of Mind?; M.Bavidge & I.Ground PART III: ALTERNATIVES Closet Cartesianism in discursive psychology; W.Sharrock A Dialogical Approach in Psychology: An Alternative to the Dualism of ToM; I.Markova Conclusion: ToM Rules, but it is not OK!; D.D.Hutto
The 'theory of mind' framework has been the fastest growing body of empirical research in contemporary psychology. It has given rise to a range of positions on what it takes to relate to others as intentional beings. This book brings together disparate strands of ToM research, lays out historical roots of the idea and indicates better alternatives
Autor: Ivan Leudar
ISBN-13:: 9780230552746
ISBN: 0230552749
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan
Gewicht: 331g
Seiten: 273
Sprache: Englisch
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