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Autor: Kees Boterbloem
ISBN-13: 9780230553187
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The Fiction and Reality of Jan Struys

A Seventeenth-Century Dutch Globetrotter
Introduction: From Sailmaker to Celebrity Struys's Youth and Reysen's First Journey The Second Voyage The Dutch Republic The Dutch in Muscovy Muscovy In the Tsar's Service Reysen's Muscovy and Struys's Muscovy The Volga Delta and the Oryol's Demise A Dutch Slave in Asia Liberation Reysen's Readers Reysen's Creation and its Creators Genre and the Test of Time 'Any Soil is the Fatherland for a Courageous Man' Conclusion Bibliography
Dutch Sailmaker and sailor Jan Struys' (c.1629-c.1694) account of his various overseas travels became a bestseller after its first publication in Amsterdam in 1676, and was later translated into English, French, German and Russian. This new book depicts the story of its author's life as well as the first singular analysis of the Struys text.
Autor: Kees Boterbloem
ISBN-13:: 9780230553187
ISBN: 0230553184
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan
Gewicht: 528g
Seiten: 315
Sprache: Englisch
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