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Autor: Janos Kornai
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Market and Socialism

International Economic Association Series
In the Light of the Experiences of China and Vietnam
Introduction; J.Kornai & Y.Qian Socialism and the Market: Conceptual Clarification; J.Kornai 'Market Socialism' and Chinese Economic Reform; J.Wu China's Encounter with Market Socialism: Approaching Managed Capitalism by Indirect Means; L.Putterman Is State Ownership Consistent with a Market Economy: The Chinese Experience; W.Zhang Market Socialism or Capitalism? Evidence from Chinese Financial Market Development; J.Du & C.Xu China's Path-Dependent Transition: Culture Mediating between Market and Socialism; C.Herrman-Pillath Market Economy, Hierarchy and Single Party Rule; B.Naughton Market Economy with Socialist Orientation: The Evolution in Vietnam; D.D.Le Process of Economic Reforms in Vietnam: What Lessons can be Learnt; T.T.Vo Vietnam's Road to International Economic Integration with a Socialist Orientation: Is WTO Accession and Market Socialism Compatible?; S.Parker Market Socialism in China and Vietnam: Why has it Worked, So Far?; D.D.Li & Y.Wang
Although both China and Vietnam are making a decisive transition to the market economy, they have also insisted on the official ideology of socialism. This book studies fundamental issues concerning the relationship between market, property rights, and the ideology of socialism.
Autor: Janos Kornai
ISBN-13:: 9780230553545
ISBN: 0230553540
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Gewicht: 490g
Seiten: 252
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