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Autor: Ernest H.Y. Chu
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Mutation, Cancer, and Malformation

.31, Environmental Science Research
Genetic Factors in Human Diseases.- Environmental mutagenesis and disease in human populations.- Clinical genetics of human cancer.- Chromosome abnormalities in cancer development.- Mutations of cellular oncogenes as a basis for neoplastic change.- Human gene mapping in the analysis of oncogenes.- Basic Concepts in Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis.- Relationship between mutagenesis and carcinogenesis.- Theoretical basis of mutagenesis.- DNA repair processes.- The Role of DNA repair in mutation induction.- Use of the Bacilussubtilus Rec-assay in environmental mutagen studies.- Mutagenesis in yeasts.- A comparison of genotoxic activity in somatic tissue and in the germ cells of Drosophilamelanogaster.- The P-factor: a transposable element in Drosophila.- Silkworm genetics and chemical mutagenesis.- Mutation induction and detection in Arabidopsis.- Mutagenesis studies with cultured mammalian cells: problems and prospects.- The control of cell transformation, mutagenesis and differentiation by chemicals that initiate or promote tumor formation.- Dominant-lethal mutations and heritable translocations in mice.- Recessive and dominant mutations in mice.- Benzo (a)pyrene and 6-nitrobenzo (a) pyrene metabolism in human and rodent microsomes and tissue culture.- Nitrosamine metabolism and carcinogenesis.- Modification of carcinogenesis by dietary and nutritional factors.- Naturally occurring mutagens.- Reproductive Toxicology.- Teratogenesis.- A possible mechanistic link between teratogenesis and carcinogenesis: inhibited intercellular communication.- Gem cell toxicity: significance in genetic and fertility effects of radiation and chemicals.- Environmental Toxicology, Mutagenesis, and Carcinogenesis.- The science of toxicology - scope, goals and four case studies.- Mutagenicity of pesticides.- Genetic toxicology of 14 agents casually associated with cancer in humans.- Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of the Arabidopsis assay in the identification of carcinogens.- Environmental studies in Sweden.- Research progress on environmental mutagenesis, carcinogenesis and teratogenesis in China.- A. Strategy of approach to cancer control in China.- Toxicological research in public health: the Chinese experience.- Environmental mutagenesis research at Fudan University.- The role of risk assessment in regulatory decisions in the United States.- Alternate methods for integrated evaluation of toxicity and risk assessment.- Posters.
During the early 1930s, when I was a graduate student and later a post-doctoral researcher at the National Research Council for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with many graduate students from China who were sent to the University for training in modern basic sciences as well as social sciences. The University of Wisconsin continues to graduate a large number of Chinese students. Economic conditions in the 1930s were very precarious for the United States and other parts of the world. Many of us students grew closer together because we were living on similarly tight budgets. As a matter of fact, we subleased a part of our apartment in Madison to some Chinese graduate students. This was a very nice opportunity for us to learn about the scientific and cultural back ground of our Chinese friends. Many of them came from the interior of China and had had very little opportunity to become acquainted with people from a western culture. Living with these students was a very pleasant and educational experience which gave us a good pic ture of the cultural life and educational system of China at that time--an intimate picture that one normally would not see without travelling in that country.
Autor: Ernest H.Y. Chu
ISBN-13:: 9780306418204
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