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Autor: John W. Negele
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Advances in Nuclear Physics

Vol.15, Advances in the Physics of Particles and Nuclei
1 Analytic Insights Into Intermediate-Energy Hadron-Nucleus Scattering.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Phenomenology of Intermediate-Energy Hadron-Nucleus Scattering.- 3. Brief Review of Optical Diffraction.- 4. Elastic Scattering.- 5. Inelastic Scattering.- 5.1. One Step.- 5.2. Two Step.- 5.3. Multistep.- 6. Spin Observables.- 7. New Direction.- 8. Summary and Conclusion.- References and Notes.- 2 Recent Developments in Quasi-Free Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Review of the Theory.- 2.1. Qualitative Considerations.- 2.2. The Cross-Section Formula.- 2.3. Errors and Possible Correction.- 2.4. Remarks on Applications of the Formalism.- 3. Spin Dependence in (p, 2p) Scattering.- 3.1. General Remarks.- 3.2. Some Properties of the Effective Polarization.- 3.3. Nuclear Structure and Effective Polarization.- 3.4. Experimental Results and Comparison with Calculation.- 4. Isospin Dependence.- 4.1. General Remarks.- 4.2. Corrections.- 4.3. Experimental Results and Comparison with Calculation.- 5. Remarks on Other Quasi-Free Reactions.- 6. Concluding Remarks.- References.- 3 Energetic Particle Emission in Nuclear Reactions.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Direct Interactions in the Nucleus.- 2.1. Quasi-Elastic Scattering.- 2.2. Theoretical Models.- 2.3. Coincidence Experiments as a Probe of Reaction Mechanisms.- 3. Thermalization and Multiple Scattering in Nucleon Emission.- 3.1. The Approach to Thermal Equilibrium.- 3.2. Is Chemical Equilibrium Achieved?.- 3.3. Cascade and Hydrodynamics.- 3.4. A Limiting Temperature in the Hadronic Medium?.- 3.5. Hanbury-Brown-Twiss Effect in the Nucleus.- 4. Light-Fragment Formation.- 4.1. Overview.- 4.2. Coalescence and Pickup Models.- 4.3. Statistical Models.- 4.4. Entropy in the Nucleus.- 4.5. Results from Coincidence Experiments.- 5. Production of Intermediate-Mass Fragments.- 5.1. Statistical Approach.- 5.2. Reaction Rates.- 5.3. Liquid-Vapor Phase Transitions.- 6. Summary.- References.
"Analytic Insights into Intermediate-Energy Hadron-Nucleus Scattering," by R. D. Amado, presents a review of optical diffraction leading into discussions of elastic scattering, single- and multistep inelastic scattering, spin observables, and directions indicated for further research. "Recent Developments in Quasi-Free Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering," by P. Kitching, W. J. McDonald, Th. A. J. Maris, and C. A. Z. Vascon cellos, opens with a comprehensive review of the theory, going on to detail frontier research advances in spin dependence in (p, 2p) scattering, isospin dependence, and other quasi-free reactions. The final chapter, "Energetic Particle Emission in Nuclear Reactions" by D. H. Boal, explores new findings regarding direct interactions in the nucleus, thermalization and multiple scattering in nucleon emission, light fragment formation, and production of intermediate-mass fragments. A valuable and instructive trio of papers, Volume 15 of Advances in Nuclear Physics will be of interest to nonspecialists as well as specialists in the fields of nuclear physics, high-energy physics, and theoretical physics.
Autor: John W. Negele
ISBN-13:: 9780306418648
ISBN: 0306418649
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.1985
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Gewicht: 538g
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