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Autor: Ling-Lie Chau
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Flavor Mixing in Weak Interactions

Vol.20, Ettore Majorana International Science Series, Physical Sciences
Opening Remarks.- Production of High Mass e? and_e+e- Pairs in the UA2 Experiment at the CERN pp Collider.- Quark Mixing from Hyperon Decays.- Recent Results on Weak Decays from the MARK II Experiment.- Improved b Lifetime Measurement from MAC.- The B and its Decays.- Experimental Status of Neutrino Masses.- Results on Neutrino Oscillations and Heavy Neutrino Decays from the CHARM Collaborations.- Comments on Limits on ? Mass.- Neutrino Masses and Mixings.- Higgs Mass in Salam-Weinberg Theory.- Quark Mixing from Heavy Quark Semileptonic Decays.- New Results on Heavy Flavor Production from PETRA.- New Results on Flavor Production at PEP.- Hadro and Photoproduction of Heavy Flavours.- Review on Measurements of Charm Lifetime.- The Experimental Situation in D Meson Decay.- Supergravity and Particle Physics: Models with Spontaneous Supersymmetry Breaking.- The Experimental Search for Supersymmetry.- Horizontal Symmetries and Flavor Mixing in Left-Right Symmetric Models.- Weak Mixing Angles in Grand Unified Theories.- The Experimental Determination of Weak Mixing Angles in the Six-Quark Scheme.- Some Thoughts on Searches for Proton Decay.- The DO Detector for the Fermilab Collider and the Future Physics Program at CESR.- Future Plans at KEK.- Research Possibilities for High Energy Physics at DESY - Present and Future.- Status of Rare Decay Experiments.- The Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron and Atomic 129Xe.- Strange Decays and New Physics.- Partial Rate Differences from CP Violation at LEAR.- Measurement of ?' at the AGS.- CP Violation from the Standard Model.- CP Violation from Nonstandard Models.- Composite Models of Quarks, Leptons and Gauge Bosons.- Theoretical Understanding of Weak Decays of Heavy Quarks.- Composite Quarks and Leptons and Their Flavour Mixing.- Theoretical Status of Flavour Mixing Matrix.- Concluding Remarks and Outlook.- Editors Notes.- Participants.- Author Index.- Photographs of the Conference.
The 50-year history of weak interaction since Fermi's pro posal of this coupling has been marked with striking direct inter plays between experimental results and theoretical understanding, e.g. the discoveries of neutrinos, parity violation, and CP vio lation. The recent discoveries of the quark hierarchy, the charm and the beauty, and the intermediate vector bosons W± and ZO have truly made a splendid page in the history of particle physics. It is the purpose of this conference to discuss the questions of quark and lepton generations and mixing, their relations to CP violation, and to ask the questions about what are inside the quarks and the leptons in view of the present and future exper imental situation. Dr. Ling-Lie Chau Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, New York vii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all the Advisory and Organizing Committee members for their advice and suggestions during the organization of the conference. The running of the conference could not have gone so smoothly without the help of many participants, I sincerely thank: L. Becker, F.J. Botella, S. Gentile, P. Le Comte, M.E. Machacek, L. Lanceri, W.M. Morse, F.J. Olness, Y.-X. Pham, G. Poulard, K.J. Sliwa, and J.N. Webb.
Autor: Ling-Lie Chau
ISBN-13:: 9780306418952
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