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Autor: S. Martellucci
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Analytical Laser Spectroscopy

.119, NATO Science Series B
Lectures and Seminars.- Laser Double-resonance Spectroscopy in Molecular Physics.- Opto-acoustics: Old Idea with New Applications.- Photoacoustic Analysis in Condensed Matter.- Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering.- Real Time Temperature and Concentration Measurements in a Semi-industrial Furnace with CARS Spectroscopy.- Laser Detection of Combustion Species.- Analytical and Diagnostic Applications of Laser Induced Fluorescence in Flames and Plasmas.- Laser Diagnostics in Flames by Fluorescence Techniques.- Analytical Spectroscopy using Laser Atomizers.- Theory of Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy.- One-atom Detection and Statistical Studies with Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy.- Weak Interaction Studies using Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy.- Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy: Applications in Isotope Geophysics.- Analytical Optogalvanic Spectroscopy in Flames.- Application of Lasers to Trace Analysis in the Atmosphere and Experiments with Single Atoms.- Contributed Papers.- IR and UV Free Electron Laser Sources.- Study of Asbestos by Laser Microprobe Mass Analysis (LAMMA).- Matrix-isolation Spectroscopy of Small Metal Clusters.- The Use of Resonance Raman Spectroscopy as an Analytical Tool in the Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of some Food Dyes.- Application of the RIS Technique to the Study of Impurities in Solids.
This volume contains the Proceedings of a two-week NATO A.S.I. on "Analytical Laser Spectroscopy", held from September 23 to October 3, 1982 in Erice, Italy. This is the 9th annual course of Inter national School of Quantum Electronics organized under the auspices of the "E. Majorana" Center for Scientific Culture. The Advanced Study Institute has been devoted to the analytical applications of lasers in spectroscopy. Atomic and molecular spec troscopy is one of the research fields in which the use of lasers has had a dramatic impact. New spectral information, difficult or impos sible to gather by classical spectroscopy, extremely high resolution spectroscopy of atoms and molecules made possible by the overcoming of the Doppler effect, selective excitation and detection of single atomic and molecular quantum states are just few typical examples of how laser sources have revolutionized the field, offering challenging problems of both fundamental and applied nature. Among the possible approaches to a course on Analytical Laser Spectroscopy, the one which emphasizes the scientific and technologi cal aspects of the advanced laser techniques when applied to chemical analysis has been chosen. In fact, it reflects the new policy of the School to stress the advanced scientific and technological achieve ments in the field of Quantum Electronics. Accordingly, the course has given the broadest information on the ultimate performances of analytical laser spectroscopy techniques and the perspectives of their applications.
Autor: S. Martellucci
ISBN-13:: 9780306418976
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