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Testicular Cancer and Other Tumors of the Genitourinary Tract

Vol.8, Ettore Majorana International Science Series, Life Science
I Tumors of the Testis.- Classification, Pathology, Aetiology, Research.- Pre-treatment Classification of Tumors of the Testis.- Histopathological Classification of Testicular Tumors.- Rare Tumors of Testes and Adnexal Tumors.- Tumors of the Testis - Aetiology, Epidemiology and Animal Models.- Cell Kinetics in Human Germ Cell Tumors of the Testis.- Markers, Diagnosis, Prognosis.- Tumor Markers in Testicular Cancer -A Review of 12 Years Experience at the NCI.- Placental-like Alkaline Phosphatase as a Tumor Marker in Seminoma.- Tumors of the Testicle: Recent Advances in Diagnosis.- Tumors of the Testis: Lymphography and Other Imaging Techniques.- The Role of the CT-scan in Diagnosis and Follow-up in Patients with Metastatic Testicular Cancer.- Tumors of the Testis - Prognostic Factors.- Age - Adjusted Mortality Rates for Testicular Neoplasm Italy Between 1969 and 1978.- Treatment.- General Considerations.- Tumors of the Testis - the Basic Concept of Therapy.- Current Controversies in the Management of Testicular Germ Cell Tumors.- Surgery.- Surveillance After Orchidectomy for Clinical Stage 1 Testicular Non-seminoma.- Unilateral Versus Bilateral Lymph Node Dissection in Non-seminomatous Testicular Germ Cell Tumors.- Tumors of the Testis - the Role of Surgery After Chemotherapy.- Combined Chemotherapy and Surgery in Treatment of Bulky Germ Cell Tumors: Comparison of Two Induction Regimens and Evaluation of Poor Prognostic Factors.- The Role of Cytoreductive Surgery and Chemotherapy in Advanced Disseminated Nonseminomatous Testicular Cancer - A Randomized Study.- Round Table: Surgery of Testis Tumors: Controversial Aspects.- Radiotherapy.- Radiation Therapy of Testicular Germinomas, Stanford University Series (1956-1980).- Irradiation of Seminoma.- Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy.- Tumors of the Testis - New Drugs and Drug Combinations.- Tumors of the Testis - Induction and Maintenance Chemotherapy for Disseminated Non-Seminomas: the EORTC Experience.- Management of Bulky Advanced Disseminated Testicular Cancer.- Effect of Combination Chemotherapy Related to the Size of Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Metastases in Non Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumors: A Preliminary Report.- Round Table: Chemotherapy of Testis Tumors.- Fertility in Patients with Testis Tumors.- Testicular Function and Hormone Status in Patients with Malignant Germ Tumors Before and After Treatment.- Fertility in Patients with Cancer of the Testis Before and After Treatment: Fertility After Surgery.- How to treat Testis Tumors.- Treatment of Teratoma and Embryonal Cell Carcinoma.- Experience with Treatment of Non Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumors of Testis in Turkey.- Treatment of Male Choriocarcinoma.- The Treatment of Choriocarcinoma: Discussion.- II Advances in Renal Cancer.- Natural History of Renal Cell Carcinoma: Aspects of Tumor Morphology, Lymphatic and Haematogenous Metastatic Spread.- Advances in Renal Cancer: Advances in Diagnosis.- Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma: Natural History and Response to Chemotherapy.- Treatment of Renal Cancer Invading Vena Cava and Right Atrium.- Vindesine in Renal Cancer: An EORTC Study.- Advances in Renal Cancer: Arguments Against Hormone Therapy.- III Advances in Bladder Cancer.- The Use of an Animal Model to Gain Insights into Bladder Cancer Therapy.- Flow and Static Cytometries.- Cell Markers in Bladder Cancer.- Local Immune Response in Preneoplasia and in situ Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder.- Evaluation of Blood Group Antigens A, B in Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder.- Echography in Bladder Cancer Staging.- Experiences with Transrectal and Transurethral Echography.- Computed Tomography in Staging of Bladder Carcinoma.- Intravesical Adriamycin in Patients with Carcinoma in situ of the Urinary Bladder.- Plasma Absorption and Tissue Concentrations of Adriamycin During Intravesical Therapy.- f
The proceedings of this volume represent a record of a meeting in the Ettore Majorana center in Erice, Sicily from 16-24 July, 1983. This was the fifth course of the International School of Urology and Nephrology, the fourth in a series of meetings devoted to different aspects of Urological Oncology. Speakers and delegates came from nearly every part of the world and contributed to a detailed analysis of the current state of knowledge of tumors of the testicle and to the development of knowledge of cancer of the bladder, prostate and kidney. Previous volumes resulting from this series of meetings have been well received and the Editors hope that the reader may find the record of this meeting equally attractive. We are indebted to the Department of Medical Illustration, St. James's University Hospital, for their kindness in producing several of the illustrations in this book. The editors are very grateful to Dr. Cavallo of Palermo for the major part which he has played in preparing the index. M. Pavone-Macaluso P.H. Smith M.A. Bagshaw v CONTENTS I TUMORS OF THE TESTIS CLASSIFICATION, PATHOLOGY, AETIOLOGY, RESEARCH Pre-treatment Classification of Tumors of the Testis 1 G. Pizzocaro, A. Milani and M. Pasi Histopathological Classification of Testicular Tumors 9 F. Mostofi and I.A. Sesterhenn Rare Tumors of Testes and Adnexal Tumors 29 F. Mostofi and C.J. Davis, Jr.
Autor: M. Pavone-MacAluso
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