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Autor: S. Martellucci
ISBN-13: 9780306419157
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Laser Photobiology and Photomedicine

Vol.22, Ettore Majorana International Science Series, Physical Sciences
Physical and Biological Basis.- Photobiology and Photomedicine.- Effects of Lasers on Biological Tissue: Options for Specificity.- Interaction of Laser Light with Biological Tissue.- Biological Effects and Applications.- Biological Action of Low-intensity Monochromatic Light in Visible Range.- Certain aspects of He-Ne Laser Irradiation on Biological Systems In Vitro.- A Brief Discussion on Problems Arising in the Irradiation of Whole Biological Specimens by Laser Beams.- Time-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy: Examples of Applications to Biology.- Time-resolved Spectrofluorometry of Melanin in Human Melanoma.- Photochemotherapy.- Photophysical Properties of Hematoporphyrin Derivative and Related Components.- Photoradiation Therapy with Hematoporphyrin as a Selective Technique for the Treatment of Malignant Tumors.- Photobiology and Dermatology.- N2 Laser Radiation Effects in Iodoaminoacids.- The Influence of Oxygen-radicals on the Mechanisms of Conformational Changes and Denaturation of Hemoglobin Induced by UV Irradiation.- Aspects of Dermatological Photopathology.- Phototherapy of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia: Physical Aspects.- Surgical and Ophthalmological Applications.- Five Years of Laser Applications in Broncology (1637 Endoscopy Resections, 921 Patients).- Early Experiences with CO2 Laser for the Treatment of Septic Pathology in Neurosurgery: Experimental Model with Other Sources.- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Laser.- Laser Surgery in Hemophylia.- Microsurgery by Means of a Nd-YAG Laser.- Laser Safety.- Laser Dosimetry and Damage Mechanisms: Unresolved Problems.- Safety Aspects of Anterior Segment Laser Photodisrupters.- Laser Safety in Laser Surgery.- Laser Safety in the Use of Laser Systems.- Diagnostics and Technological Aspects.- Potential Use of (LED's) Incoherent and Coherent Light-emitting-diodes in Photomedicine.- CO2 Laser Radiation Delivery Systems.- Optical Fiber Temperature Sensors for Medical Use.
This volume contains the Proceedings of a two-week course on "Laser Applications to Biology and Medicine" held from September 4 to 16, 1983 in Erice, Italy. This is the 10th annual course of the International School of Quantum Electronics organized under the auspices of the "E. Majorana" Center for Scientific Culture. ,Among the possible approaches to a course on Laser Applications to Biology and Medicine, the one which emphasizes the scientific and technological aspects of the advanced laser techniques when applied to laboratory and clinical tests has been chosen. In fact, it reflects the new policy of the School to stress the advanced scien tific and technological achievements in the field of Quantum Elec tronics. Accordingly, the Course has given the broadest information on the ultimate performances already achieved and the perspectives of their applications. Because of the great variety of applications of laser in biology, medicine, chemistry, engineering and related branches of science, this school addressed a subject of interdisciplinary interest. The formal sessions have been balanced between tutorial presentations and lectures focusing on unsolved problems and future directions. In addition, wide time has been provided for the par ticipants to meet together informally for additional discussions on the forefront of current work. Therefore the character of the Course was a blend of current research and tutorial reviews.
Autor: S. Martellucci
ISBN-13:: 9780306419157
ISBN: 0306419157
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.1985
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 771g
Seiten: 334
Sprache: Englisch
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