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Autor: O. M. Belotserkovskii
ISBN-13: 9780306419324
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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.03.1999
Collisional Processes.- Analytical Formulae for Cross Sections and Rate Constants of Elementary Processes in Gases.- Relaxation of Velocity Distribution of Electrons Cooled (Heated) By Rotational Excitation (De-Excitation) Of N2.- Effects of the Initial Molecular States in a High-Energy Scattering of Molecular Beams.- Differential Cross Sections for Ion-Pair Formation with Selection of the Exit Channel.- Low-temperature Viscosity Cross Sections Measured in a Supersonic Argon Beam II.- Excited Oxygen Iodine Kinetic Studies.- Determination of Antisymmetric Mode Energy of CO2 Injected into a Supersonic Nitrogen Flow.- Molecular Beams.- Where are we going with molecular beams?.- Cesium Vapor Jettarget Produced With a Supersonic Nozzle.- Basic Features of the Generation and Diagnostics of Atomic Hydrogen Beams in the Ground and Metastable 22S1/2-States to Determine the Fundamental Physical Constants.- Optical Pumping Of Metastable Neon Atoms in A Weak Magnetic Field.- CO2-Laser Excitation of a Molecular Beam Monitored By Spontaneous Raman Effect.- Time-of-Flight and Electron Beam Fluorescence Diagnostics: Optimal Experimental Designs.- Molecular Beam Time-of-Flight Measurements in A Nearly Freejet Expansion of High Temperature Gas Produced By a Shock Tube.- Electron Beam Diagnostics.- Electron-Beam Diagnostics of High Temperature Rarefied Gas Flows.- Excitation Models Used in the Electron Beam Fluorescence Technique.- Electron - Beam Diagnostics in Nitrogen Multiquantum Rotational Transitions.- Free Jets, Nonequilibrium Expansions.- Free Jet as an Object of Nonequilibrium Processes Investigation.- State Dependent Angular Distributions of Na2 Molecules in a Na/Na2 Free Jet Expansion.- Molecular Beam Time-of-Flight Measurements and Moment Method Calculations of Translational Relaxation in Highly Heated Free Jets of Monatomic Gas Mixtures.- Rovibrational State Population Distributions of CO (v ? 4, J ? 10) In Highly Heated Supersonic Free Jets of CO-N2 Mixtures.- Free Jet Expansion with A Strong Condensation Effect.- Measured Densities in UF6 Free Jets.- Rotational Relaxation of NO in Seeded, Pulsed Nozzle Beams.- The Free-Jet Expansion from a Capillary Source.- Rotational Relaxation in High Temperature Jets of Nitrogen.- Translational Nonequilibrium in a Free Jet Expansion of a Binary Gas Mixture.- Laser Induced Fluorescence Study of Free Jet Expansions.- Jet-Surface Interactions.- Experimental Study of Plume Impingement and Heating Effect on Ariane's Payload.- The Interaction of a Jet Exhausting from a Body with a Supersonic Free Flow of a Rarefied Gas.- Modelling Control Thruster Plume Flow and Impingement.- Impingement of a Supersonic, Underexpanded Rarefied Jet upon a Flat Plate.- Some Peculiarities of Power and Heat Interaction of a Low Density Highly Underexpanded Jet with a Flat Plate.- Condensation in Flows.- Nonequilibrium Condensation in Free Jets.- Condensation and Vapour-Liquid Interaction in a Reflected Shock Region.- Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Condensation of Nitrogen in Transonic Flow.- Investigation of Nonequilibrium Homogeneous Gas Condensation.- The Peculiarities of Condensation Process in Conical Nozzle and in Free Jet Behind it.- Investigation of Nonequilibrium Argon Condensation In Supersonic Jet By Mass-Spectrometry, Electron Diffraction and VUV Emission Spectroscopy.- Clusters and Nucleation Kinetics.- The Microscopic Theory of Clustering and Nucleation.- Kinetics of Cluster Formation and Growth in the Process of Isothermal Condensation.- Relaxation Processes in a Molecular Dynamic Model of Cluster from the Lennard-Jones Particles.- Quantum-Chemical Study Of Processes With Cluster Isomerism.- The Homogeneous Nucleation at the Continuously Changing Temperature and Vapour Concentration.- Molecular Clusters as Heterogeneous Condensation Nuclei.- Experiments with Clusters.- The Photochemistry of Small van der Waals Molecules as Studied by Laser Spectroscopy in Supersonic Free Jets.- Diagnostics of Clusters i
100 keV) of neutral hydrogen 7 atoms . The design of the cesium jettarget intended to achieve the 7 following goals : - Supersonic nozzle - cooled skimmer system to increase the fraction 8 of the total nozzle flux Jn which is used as the jettarget flux Jt, 8 = Jt/Jn, from low values 8 10 % re ported for sonic nozzles4 to at least 50 %.
Autor: O. M. Belotserkovskii
ISBN-13:: 9780306419324
ISBN: 0306419327
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.03.1999
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 1440g
Seiten: 729
Sprache: Englisch
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