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I. The Role of X-Ray Fluorescence in a Modern Analytical Laboratory (Plenary Session Papers).- Total Reflectance X-Ray Spectrometry.- XRF and Other Surface Analysis Techniques.- The Role of X-Ray Fluorescence in a Modern Geochemical Laboratory.- II. Mathematical Models And Computer Applications In XRF.- Use of Primary Beam Filtration in Estimating Mass Attenuation Coefficients by Compton Scattering.- An Evaluation of Correction Algorithms, Using Theoretically Calculated Intensities.- Monte Carlo Simulations of XRF Intensities in Samples Containing a Dispersed Phase.- Two Easily-Overlooked Sources of Error in XRF Intensity Measurements.- Coordination Analysis by High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy.- III. New Techniques and Instrumentation in XRF.- The Application of Tunable Monochromatic Synchrotron Radiation to the Quantitative Determination of Trace Elements.- Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis Using Synchroton Radiation.- The Application of Linear Polarized X-Rays after Bragg Reflection for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis..- Trace Analytical Capabilities of Total-Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis.- Qualitative Analysis of X-Ray Spectra.- K-Edge X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis for Actinide and Heavy Elements Solution Concentration Measurements.- Excitation and Detection of High Energy Chracteristic X-Rays (20-90 KeV) Using a Novel Radiometric Technique.- An Examination of the Overall Stability of an XRF Spectrometer with Special Reference to Fourier Analysis of Temporal Variation.- Evaluation of the New Generation of Dual-Anode X-Ray Tubes.- Comparison of Various X-Ray Tube Types for XRF Analysis.- IV. Recent Developments in Long-Wavelength Spectroscopy.- Reflection Intensity Dependence on Surface and Wavelength from LiF and EDDT Analyzer Crystals.- A Soft X-Ray Experimental Facility.- Wavelength Dispersing Devices for Soft and Ultrasoft X-Ray Spectrometers.- V. Applications of XRF and XRD to Life Sciences and the Environment.- Feasibility Studies of X-Ray Fluorescence as a Method for the In Vivo Determination of Platinum and Other Heavy Metals.- A Fast, Versatile X-Ray Fluorescence Method for Measuring Tin in Impregnated Wood.- Certification of Reference Materials by Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry?.- Evaluating the Variability of Southwestern Ceramics with X-Ray Fluorescence.- An XRF Method for the Analysis of Atmospheric Aerosol and Vehicular Particulate Deposits on Filters.- VI. XRF Applications: Mineralogical, General.- Analysis of River Sediments from the Tigre River (Venezuela) by Radioisotope Excited X-Ray Fluorescence.- Energy-Dispersive XRF Analysis of Intact Salt Drill Cores.- The Use of Rapid Quantitative X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis in Paper Manufacturing and Construction Materials Industry.- Analysis of Diatomaceous Earth by X-Ray Fluorescence Techniques.- Fundamental Parameters vs. Multiple Regression Calculations for the Determination of Europium in Oxide Catalyst Supports by XRF.- EDXRF Determination of Major and Minor Elements in Compound Fertilizers.- Analysis of Wet-Process Phosphoric Acid and By-Product Filter Cake by X-Ray Spectrometry.- VII. New Techniques and Instrumentation in XRD.- The Rapid Simultaneous Measurement of Thermal and Structural Data by a Novel DSC/XRD Instrument.- Balanced Filters for an Annular Counter.- X-Ray Diffraction Measurements via a UNIX+ Based System.- TSX-PLUS Multi-Tasking Upgrade for the Nicolet L-11 Powder Diffraction System.- VIII. X-Ray Strain and Stress Determination.- X-Ray Multiaxial Stress Analysis on Materials with Stress Gradient by Use of Cos? Function.- A Practical ?-Method for the Evaluation of Stress on Materials with Stress Gradient by X-Rays.- Residual Stress Measurements in Inconel Alloy 600 Tubing Using an Advanced X-Ray Instrument and Cr K? Radiation.- Determination of the Unstressed Lattice Parameter "ao" for (Triaxial) Residual Stress Determination by X-Rays.- X-Ray Fractographic Approach to Fracture Toughness of AISI 4340 Ste
The 33rd Annual Denver Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis was held July 30-August 3. 1984. on the campus of the University of Denver. Following the recent tradition of alternating plenary lecture topics between X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence at the confer ence. the plenary sessions dealt with topics of X-ray fluorescence. Prof. H. Aiginger presented a plenary lect~re on TOTAL REFLECTANCE X-RAY SPECTROMETRY which admirably described this relatively new technique. J. C. Russ discussed XRF AND OTHER SURFACE ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES which gave an excellent overview of the role XRF plays in a modern analytical laboratory. J. E. Taggart. Jr. described THE ROLE OF XRF IN A MODERN GEOCHEMICAL LABORATORY and presented many case histories of the configura tion of analytical equipment in several geochemical laboratories. The plenary lectures demonstrated both the dynamic nature of research in X-ray fluorescence. and the important role X-ray spectrom etry plays in the arsenal of analytical methods found in modern labora tories. Total reflectance X-ray spectrometry takes advantage of con sideration of the geometry of the X-ray optics. Potentially. new sample types may be considered as X-ray fluorescence specimens using this technique.
Autor: Charles S. Barrett
ISBN-13:: 9780306419393
ISBN: 0306419394
Erscheinungsjahr: 30.06.1985
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