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Autor: Charles P. Bouton
ISBN-13: 9780306436918
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Erscheinungsdatum: 31.03.1991

Neurolinguistics Historical and Theoretical Perspectives

Applied Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders
I The Prehistory of Linguistics.- 1: Early Beginnings.- The Birth of Written Tradition.- New Beginnings in Greece.- A Unifying Vision of Man and the World.- Notes.- 2: Observation and Theory: Reciprocal Influences.- The Data of Perception.- Speculative Views.- Observation and Theory in the Clinical Context.- Notes.- 3: Emergence of Major Themes.- Galen's New Synthesis.- The Innateness Hypothesis.- The Heart versus the Brain.- Notes.- II The Mythology of Body and Mind.- 1: Language as a Determinant of Perception.- Imaginary Anatomy.- Imaginary Localizations.- Magical Speech.- Notes.- 2: Paths of Seeing.- From Terms to Objects: A Shift of Focus.- The Limits of Reason.- The Beginnings of Objectivity.- Notes.- 3: Language as a Physical Object.- The Search for a Physical Theory of Speech.- The Search for a Physical Theory of Language.- The Physical Reality of the Speaker.- Notes.- III From the Realm of Words to the Realm of Objects.- 1: The Body as an Object of Knowledge.- Eye and Instrument.- The Brain Explored.- The Electrical Model.- Notes.- 2: Institutionalizing Deviance.- Abnormal or Absent Speech.- Defective Discourse.- Emerging Concepts of Pathology.- Notes.- 3: Illusions of Science.- The Search for Localizations.- Pathology as a Means of Knowledge.- The Brain Rediscovered.- Notes.- IV The Birth of Neurolinguistics.- 1: The Broca Era.- The Myth of the Third Left Frontal Convolution.- The Search for Aphasia.- Emergence of Key Concepts.- Notes.- 2: Language as an Object of Science.- The Emergence of Theories of Language.- The Neurophysiological Aspect of Language Theories.- New Perspectives on Impaired Discourse.- Notes.- 3: Neurolinguistic Discourse.- The Brain and Language Today.- Constant Themes.- Epistemological Considerations.- Notes.
A discussion of the relationship between the human body and language seems to be the inevitable result of any reflexion by man on his particular condi tion. This has held true since the earliest records in written tradition. It may be an excessively ambitious undertaking to try to catalogue the themes in that reflexion and reconstruct its successive stages within the confines of a book of fairly modest proportions such as this one; but the challenge has been stimulating enough to call for a response. The long research work that preceded the writing of this book and the large collection of source material accumulated over a period of several years at least afford the writer the satisfaction of appreciating more than anyone else the care for accuracy and completeness that went into the gradual reduction of this text to manageable proportions. Moreover, it is hoped to make available to all those interested at a later date the rich and rare corpus of documents that forms the basis of this book, in an anthology of selected readings. It was originally intended to publish these documents in a companion volume to this book.
Autor: Charles P. Bouton
ISBN-13:: 9780306436918
ISBN: 0306436914
Erscheinungsjahr: 31.03.1991
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 570g
Seiten: 286
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