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Autor: Alan R. Bishop
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Microscopic Aspects of Nonlinearity in Condensed Matter

.264, NATO Science Series B
Proceedings of a NATO ARW held in Florence, Italy, June 7--13, 1990
Complexity and Chaos: Space Time Complexity in Quantum Optics; F.T. Arecchi. Critical Phenomena in Hamiltonian Chaos; B.V. Chirikov. Statistical Properties of the Transition to Spatiotemporal Chaos; S. Ciliberto. Time Evolution of Random Cellular Patterns; K. Kawasaki, et al. Coherent Structures: Bipolaronic Charge Density Waves; S. Aubry. Polarons in Quasi-One-Dimensional Materials; D. Baeriswyl. Solitons in Charge Density Wave Crystals; S. Brazovskii, et al. Hydrodynamics of Classical and Quantum Liquid with Free Surface; I.M. Khalatnikov. Physics of Quantum Devices: Oscillations Due to Many-Body Effects in Resonant Tunneling; F. Capasso, et al. Computer Simulation of Tunneling in Atomic-Size Devices; H. De Raedt. Quantum Ballistic Transport; Y.B. Levinson. Few Remarks about SmallCapacitance Josephson Junctions; A. Tagliacozzo, et al. Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics: Raman Scattering of Light by Electrons in Superconducotrs with a Small Correlation Length; A.A. Abrikosov, et al. Quantum Solitons on Quantum Chaos: Coherent Structures, Anyons, and Statistical Mechanics R.K. Bullough, et al. Stark Effect for Difference Schrödinger Operator; E.I. Dinaburg. 28 additional articles. Index.
The collection of articles in this volume represents the proceedings of the inau gural Conference of the Institute of Theoretical Matter Physics at the University of Florence, Italy, June 7-13, 1990. The aim of this Institute (sponsored by the Con sorzio Interuniversitario di Fisica della Materia, INFM) is to foster interdisciplinary approaches to theoretical problems in Solid State, Electronics and Optics. Corre spondingly, the Conference surveyed a broad scope of modern analytic techniques in nonlinear science and their application to novel liquids, solids and optical environ ments. The Conference was held at Centro Studi CISL, a magnificent Villa up to Florence. The major topics addressed through survey and specialized lectures, discussions and posters were: Complexity and Coherence in spin glasses, associative distribu tive memory, low dimensional electronic materials, magnets, Josephson junction ar rays, optics, semiconductors, convection cells, material science, high-temperature superconductivity; Physics of Quantum Devices such as nonlinear feedback oscilla tors, macroscopic quantum tunneling, hetero structures, quantum ballistic devices, tunneling in atomic devices; Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics, especially for soliton-bearing and quantum chaotic systems. Many exciting ideas and results were presented and debated in lively fashion. Perhaps two major themes were evident throughout the workshop.
Autor: Alan R. Bishop
ISBN-13:: 9780306440014
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