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Autor: Curtis C. Travis
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Municipal Waste Incineration Risk Assessment

.5, Contemporary Issues in Risk Analysis
Deposition, Food Chain Impacts, Uncertainty, and Research Needs
Evaluation of Flat versus Complex Terrain Models in Estimating Pollutant Transport and Deposition in Complex Terrain; M.W. Yambert, et al. Small Particle Deposition in Air Quality Modeling; R. Kapahi. Accounting for Wet Deposition in Incinerator Risk Assessments; A.A. Campbell, et al. Accounting for Dry Deposition in Incinerator Risk Assessments; C.C. Travis, et al. Gas-Particle Distribution and Atmospheric Deposition of Semivolatile Organic COmpounds; T.F. Bidleman. An Overview of Food Chain Impacts from Municipal Waste Combustion; H.A. Hattemer-Frey, et al. Current Studies on Human Exposure to Chemicals with Emphasis on the Plant Route; S. Paterson, et al. Airto-Leaf Transfer of Organic Vapors to Plants; E. Bacci, et al. Uptake of Organic Contaminants by Plants; C. Mc Farlane. Uncertainties in Estimating Chemical Degradation and Accumulation in the Environment; S.T. Washburn, et al. The Food Chain as a Source of Human Exposure from Municipal Waste Combustion: An Uncertainty Analysis; G. Belcher, et al. Assessing Multiple Pathway Exposures: Variability, Uncertainty, and Ignorance; T.E. McKone. Uncertainty Analysis: An Essential Component of Risk Assessment and Risk Management; R. Tyler, et al. 3 additional articles. Index.
Autor: Curtis C. Travis
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Erscheinungsjahr: 29.02.1992
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Gewicht: 760g
Seiten: 314
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