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Autor: Roy H. Douglas
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'Photosynthesis.- Photosynthetic Reaction Centers: Common Features and Specific Properties.- The Topology of the Photosystem II Reaction Centre and its Herbicide Binding Site.- Photoinactivation of the Isolated Photosystem Two Reaction Centre and its Prevention.- Migration and Trapping of the Energy in the Photosynthetic Membrane of Rhodobacter sphaeroides R26.1 Probed by Photovoltage Measurements.- The Necessity of Carotenoids for the Assembly of Active Photosystem 2 Reaction Centres.- Energy Transfer in Photosystem II Antenna.- Non-Linear Processes in Photosynthetic Light Absorption.- Differential Polarization Imaging of Chloroplasts: Microscopic and Macroscopic Linear and Circular Dichroism.- Organization of the Rhodobacter capsultus Carotenoid Biosynthesis Gene Cluster.- Photosynthetic Membrane Energization and Energy Storage: Studies with Electrochromic, Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Spectroscopy.- Redox Properties of the Cytochrome bf Complex from a Thermophilic Cyanobacterium.- Photosynthetic Electron Transport in the Anoxygenically Grown Cyanobacterium Oscillatoria limnetica.- Biosynthesis of Chlorophyll in a Chemoheterotrophic Cyanobacterium, Svnechocystis PCC 6714.- New Aspects of Biosynthesis of Chlorophylls from Protochlorophyllides in Scenedesmus.- Plant Luminescence.- Ultraweak Luminescence from Plant Tissue: Spectral Characteristics and Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation, Anaerobiosis and Ageing.- Psoralen Photosensitization.- Photosensitized Action on the Cell Membrane and its Constituents by Furocoumarins.- Structure of Furocoumarin-DNA Photoadducts.- Monofunctional Furocoumarins: Photochemical, Photobiological and Phototherapeutic Properties of Pyridopsoralens.- Damage of Chromosomes of Healthy Persons and Psoriasis Patients Under PUVA Conditions.- 5-MOP Induced Protection Against Epidermal DNA Damage by Ultraviolet Radiation in Human Skin: The Role of the Skin Type.- Quantitative Characterization of Photosensitizer-Nucleoprotein Interactions: A Comparison of 4,6,4?-Trimethylangelicin and 4?-Aminomethyl-4,5?8 Trimethylpsoralen.- Comparative Studies on the Photosensitizing Potency of 5-MOP and 8-MOP.- Analyzing 8-MOP Pharmacokinetics.- Mutagenesis Photoinduced by Psoralens in Yeast.- Photodynamic Therapy.- Second Generation Photosensitizers for the Photodynamic Therapy of Tumours.- Photophysical Studies of Systems Related to Photodynamic Therapy and Porphyric Disease.- The Effect of Solution pH on the Aggregation Degree of Hematoporphyrin Diacetate.- Photocarcinogenesis.- Possible Effects of Increased Ultraviolet Radiation on Human Skin.- Ozone Depletion and Skin Cancer.- Risk Factors for Skin Melanoma.- Prevention of Photocarcinogenesis by Sunscreens.- Light Sensitive Skin Diseases.- Advances in the Photodermatoses.- Persistent Photosensitivity Induced by Ingested Drugs.- DNA Repair and Light Sensitivity in Dermatology.- Chromophore - Matrix Interaction.- Covalently Linked Porphyrin Dimers as Model Systems of the Photosynthetic Special Pair: Spectroscopy, Energetics and Photochemistry.- Hole Burning Spectroscopy of Chromoproteins.- The Jahn-Teller Effect in Porphyrins and Hemoproteins.- Fluorescence Site Selection Spectroscopy on Heme Proteins.- Spectroscopy.- Correlation Between Protein Structure and Room Temperature Phosphorescence of Tryptophans.- Dynamic Behavior of Cell Surface Receptors as Revealed by Laser Excited Fluorescence Spectroscopy.- Resolved Qx and Qy Electronic Transitions in Chlorophyll a.- Laser-Induced Time-Resolved Fluorescence Studies of Biological Systems.- Laser-Induced Multi-Step Processes in Chromophores of Biomedical Interest.- CLED-Pumped Solid-State Lasers (Microlasers): Potential Applications to Medicine.- Photosensitized Luminescence of Singlet Molecular Oxygen: Mechanisms and Application for Photobiology and Photomedicine.- DNA Damage and Repair.- Structure of Nucleic Acid Photopro
This is the third book chronicling the scientific activities of the European Society for Photobiology (ESP). It contains 56 chapters, written by authors from 16 countries, based on presentations at the 3rd Congress of the European Society for Photobiology held in Budapest, Hungary on the 27th August - 2nd September 1989. The science of photobiology, which can simply be defined as the study of the effects of light on living matter, covers so many subject areas that no single book can hope to do justice to them all. This multidisciplinary nature of photobiology is reflected by the material covered in this volume, which contains chapters on such diverse themes as motile photoresponses in bacteria, cancer therapy and photosynthesis. Interestingly, the emphasis placed on various subject areas differs quite markedly from the preceding volume ('Light in Biology & Medicine, volume 1, eds. R. Douglas, J. Moan & F. Dall'Acqua, Plenum Press, 1988). It is hoped that by highlighting different areas of photobiology these and future pUblications emanating from the ESP will, in time, produce a comprehensive record of photobiological research,. not only in Europe but throughout the world. Unlike many conference proceedings all the chapters con tained within this book have been subjected to rigorous peer review and several potential contributions were rejected during the editing process. Furthermore, most manuscripts underwent extensive editing to try and produce chapters of a uniform format and standard.
Autor: Roy H. Douglas
ISBN-13:: 9780306440250
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