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Autor: O. F. Nygaard
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Cancer: Facts, Dilemmas, and Mysteries (D.T. Kanazir). Environmental Causes of Cancer (A.C. Upton). The Evolution of Mutation Rates and Its Implications for Antimutagenesis (J.W. Drake). Molecular Biology (Mutations, Oncogenes, and Supressors: Molecular Basis of Mutagenesis in Escherichia coli K12 Deficient for DNA Polymerase I: Special Role of the GTCG Sequence (D.J. savic et al.). Oxidative Mutagenesis by the GlutathioneGammaGlutamyl Transpeptidase System: mechanism and Possible Relevance to Hepatocarcinogenesis (A.A Stark et al.). Biomarkers: Formation of 8Hydroxydeoxyguanosine in DNA and Carcinogenesis (H. Kasai et al.). Measurement of Longterm Effect of Oxidative Drug Metabolism in Erythrocytes (V. Niketic et al.). Internal Emitters: Factors Influencing the Transfer of Radionuclides in Agricultural Food Chains (C.M. Vandecasteele et al.). Chemical Protection: Free Radical Chemistry of Ergothioneine, a potential Radioprotector and Antimutagen (S.V. Jovanovic et al.). HAtom Abstraction by Thiyl Radicals (M. Bonifacic). Hormones and Psychostress: Autocrine Secretion and Carcinogenesis (D.T. Kanazir et al.). Altered Structure of Steroid Receptors in Kidney Malignancy (R. DjordjevicMarkovic et al.). 53 additional articles. Index.
The dramatic decrease in the incidence of stomach cancer in industrialized countries during the past 50 years, which is yet to be fully explained, and the observation that carcinogenesis in laboratory animals can be inhibited by antioxidants, retinoids, and caloric restriction, among other influences, challenge us to press on in the search for practical means to prevent cancer. It is in relation to this goal that the studies summarized in this book have special significance. This book is based on the invited and contributed papers presented at the Third Internationai Conference on Anticarcinogenesis and Radiation Protection, held on October 15-21, 1989, in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. They cover a broad range of investigations into the mechanisms and inhibition of carcinogenesis. In keeping with recent advances in our understanding of the importance of oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes in carcinogenesis, many of the reports focus on mutations and related changes at the level of DNA. At the same time, however, other reports deal with nutritional, immunological, endocrinological, and epidemiological aspects. In all, the various reports address carcinogenesis and its inhibition at virtually every level of biological organization. Included in this compendium are timely reviews of diverse and promising research strategies for cancer prevention, as pursued by investigators in different parts of the world. The Organizers of the Conference are grateful to the many scientists who have contributed to the volume, as well as to the sponsors of the Conference, without whose generous support this book would not have been possible.
Autor: O. F. Nygaard
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