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Highlights in Condensed Matter Physics and Future Prospects

Vol.285, NATO Science Series B
Proceedings of NATO Science Forum '90 Highlights of the Eighties and Future Prospects in Condensed Matter Physics held in Biarritz, France, September 16-21, 1990
Quantum Hall Effect: Fractional Quantum Hall Effect; D. Tsui. Theory and Implications of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect; S.M. Girvin. Semiconductor Quantum Structures: Implications of Semiconductor Superlattice Research; L. Esaki. Electron Energy Levels in Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Superlattices; G. Bastard. The First Principles View of Superlattices; H. Kamimura. High Temperature Superconductivity: The Role of the Short and Anisotropic Coherence Length; G. Deutscher. Artificially Grown Superlattices of Cuprates; O. Fischer. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Local Probe Methods; H. Roher. A New Spectroscopy of Carrier Scattering; P. Wyder. AtomResolved Surface Chemistry with the STM; P. Avouris. 18 additional articles. Index.
This volume contains the proceedings of the first NATO Science Forum "Highlights of the Eighties and Future Prospects in Condensed Matter Physics" (sponsored by the NATO Scientific Affairs Division), which took place in September, 1990, in the pleasant surroundings provided by the Hotel du Palais at Biarritz, France. One hundred distinguished physicists from seventeen countries, including six Nobellaureates, were invited to participate in the four and a half day meeting. Focusing on three evolving frontiers: semiconductor quantum structures, including the subject of the quantumHall effect (QHE), high temperature superconductivity (HiTc) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), the Forum provided an opportunity to evaluate, in depth, each of the frontiers, by reviewing the progress made during the last few years and, more importantly, exploring their implications for the future. Though serious scientists are not "prophets," all of the participants showed a strong interest in this unique format and addressed the questions of future prospects, either by extrapolating from what has been known, or by a stretch of their "educated" imagination.
Autor: Leo Esaki
ISBN-13:: 9780306441196
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