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Autor: L.J.M.J. Blomen
ISBN-13: 9780306441585
Einband: Buch
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History (J.A.A. Ketelaar). Overview of Fuel Cell Technology (S. Srinivasan). Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells (E. Barendrecht). Fuel Processing (P. Pietrogrande, M. Bezzeccheri). Characteristics of Fuel Cell Systems (A.J. Appleby). System Design and Optimization (M.N. Mugerwa, L.J.M.J. Blomen). Research, Development, and Demonstration of Alkaline Fuel Cell Systems (H. van den Broeck). Research, Development, and Demonstration of Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Systems (R. Anahara). Research, Development, and Demonstration of Molton Carbonate Fuel Cell Systems (J.R. Selman). Research, Development, and Demonstration of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems (K.A. Murugesamoorthi). Research, Development, and Demonstration of Solid Polymer Fuel Cell Systems (D.S. Watkins). Fuel Cell System Economics (M.N. Mugerwa, L.J.M.J. Blomen). Market (D.T. Hooie). Epilogue (L.J.M.J. Blomen, M.N. Mugerwa). Index.
In light of recent alarming environmental trends combined with increasing commercial viability of fuel cells, the time is propitious for a book focusing on the systematic aspects of cell plant technology. This multidisciplinary text covers the main types of fuel cells, R&D issues, plant design and construction, and economic factors to provide industrial and academic researchers working in electrical systems design, electrochemistry, and engineering with a unique and comprehensive resource.
Autor: L.J.M.J. Blomen
ISBN-13:: 9780306441585
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Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 1429g
Seiten: 614
Sprache: Englisch
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