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Autor: J. Daniel Rogers
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Ethnohistory and Archaeology

Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology
Approaches to Postcontact Change in the Americas
Introduction: Historical Dynamics in the Contact Era; S.M. Wilson, J.D. Rogers. Theoretical Orientations on Culture Contact: Structure and History; S.M. Wilson. The Persistence of an Explanatory Dilemma in Contact Period Studies; R.D. Leonard. North America: Stone Tools, Steel Tools; D.B. Bamforth. The Social and Material Implications of Culture Contact on the Northern Plains; J.D. Rogers. Kee-Oh-Na-Wah'-Wah; T.K. Perttula. Economic and Adaptive Change Among the Lake Superior Chippewa of the 19th Century C.E. Cleland. Historic Creek Indian Responses to European Trade and the Rise of Political Factions; G.A. Waselkov. Assessing the Significance of European Goods in 17th Century Narragansett Society; W.A. Turnbaugh. Mesoamerica: Socioeconomic Change within Native Society in Colonial Soconusco, New Spain; J. Gasco. The Living Pay for the Dead; W.R. Fowler. Urban and Rural Dimensions of the Contact Period; T.H. Charlton, P. Fournier. Index.
Incorporating both archaeological and ethnohistorical evidence, this volume reexamines the role played by native peoples in structuring interaction with Europeans. The more complete historical picture presented will be of interest to scholars and students of archaeology, anthropology, and history.
Autor: J. Daniel Rogers
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Gewicht: 544g
Seiten: 238
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