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Autor: Zahava Solomon
ISBN-13: 9780306442797
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Combat Stress Reaction

Springer Series on Stress and Coping
The Enduring Toll of War
In the Shadow of War. Sisters in Sorrow. Psychological Breakdown on the Battlefield. Naked on Dizengoff. Does the War End When the Shooting Stops? PTSD: The Inner Landscape. From Front Line to Home Front.
If At First You Don't Succeed: Military Functioning on the Battlefield. Body and Soul. The Imprint of Trauma.
Yet Once More: The Effect of Repeated Wars.
Reactivation: Trauma Deepens Trauma. Is Delayed PTSD for Real?
Fathers and Sons: The Transgenerational Impact of the Holocaust. Why Don't They Seek Treatment? The Silver Platter.
This highly readable text details the findings of an exhaustive series of studies of Israeli combat veterans, documenting the effects of combat stress reaction on mental and physical health, social interaction, and military effectiveness. It provides mental health professionals, trauma victims, and military personnel with an unparalleled source of information, and offers a unique perspective of contemporary Israeli culture.
Autor: Zahava Solomon
ISBN-13:: 9780306442797
ISBN: 0306442795
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 594g
Seiten: 284
Sprache: Englisch
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