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Control of Breathing and Its Modeling Perspective

Respiratory Rhythm Genesis: Maintenance of the Respiratory Rhythm During Normoxia and Hypoxia (D.W. Richter et al.) Reflex Control: Reflex Control of Respiratory Activity (G. Sant'Ambrogio). Peripheral Chemosensitivity: Ventilatory Responses to Respiratory and Acute Metabolic Acidosis in Man (I.D. Clement et al.). Central Chemosensitivity: Hypoxic Depression of Respiration (N.S. Cherniack et al.). Integrative and Behavioral Control: Where is the Cortical Representation of the Diaphragm in Man (K. Murphy et al.). Role of Neurochemicals and Hormones: Role of Seratonin in Airway Patency (H. Arita, M. Sakamoto). Mechanisms of Exercise Hyperpnea. Hypoxic Ventilatory Depression. Sleep Disorders. Mechanical Aspects in the Control of Breathing. Cellular and Molecular Aspects. Optimization Hypothesis. Role of Potassium Ion in Exercise Hyperpnea. Adaption of Peripheral Chemoreceptors. 75 additional articles. Index.
The fifth Oxford Conference was held on September 17th-19th, 1991, at the Fuji Institute of Training in Japan -the first time that the meeting has taken place in the Asian area. The facts that only a relatively few Japanese had attended previous Oxford Conferences and that Japan is far from other regions with possible participants made the organizers anticipate a small attendance at the meeting. However, contrary to our expectations, 198 active members (72 foreign and 126 domestic participants) submitted 146 papers from 15 countries. This was far beyond our preliminary estimate and could have caused problems in providing accommodation for the participants and in programming their scientific presentations. These difficulties, however, were successfully overcome by using nearby hotels, by telecasting presentations into a second lecture room and by displaying a substantial number of poster presentations during the whole period of the meeting. The meeting had two types of sessions: regular and current topics. The first paper in each session represented a shon overview or introduction so as to make it easier for the audience to comprehend the problems at issue. Because of the large number of papers submitted, carefully selected speakers (mostly well-known scholars) made excellent presentations that were followed by lively discussions. In this way, the conference laid a foundation on which to base its continued scientific success.
Autor: Y. Honda
ISBN-13:: 9780306443008
ISBN: 0306443007
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Gewicht: 1120g
Seiten: 461
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