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Developments in Partial Differential Equations and Applications to Mathematical Physics

Liapunov Functionals and Qualitative Behavior of the Solution to the Nonlinear Enskog Equation; N. Bellomo, et al. Discontinuous Media and Dirichlet Forms of Diffusion Type; M. Biroli, U. Mosco. On an Abstract Weakly Hyperbolic Equation Modelling the Nonlinear Vibrating String; P. D'Ancona, S. Spagnolo. On the Relaxation of Functionals Defined on Cartesian Manifolds; E. De Giorgi. Green's Identities and Pendent Liquid Drops, I; R. Finn. Remarks on Imcompressible Models on Fluid Dynamics; P.L. Lions. On Solutions with BlowUp at the Boundary for a Class of Semilinear Elliptic Equations; M. Marcus. On Some Singular Boundary Value Problem for Heat Operator; S. Mizohata. Surface Waves of Viscous Fluid Down an Inclined Plane; N. Ninomiya, T. Nishida. Flows Between Rotating Plates; K.R. Rajagopal. On the Problem of the Hypoellipticity of the Linear Partial Differential Equations; L. Rodino. 8 additional articles. Index.
During the days 14-18 of October 1991, we had the pleasure of attending a most interesting Conference on New Developments in Partial Differential Equations and Applications to Mathematical Physics in Ferrarra. The Conference was organized within the Scientific Program celebrating the six hundredth birthday of the University of Ferrarra and, after the many stimulating lectures and fruitful discussions, we may certainly conclude, together with the numerous participants, that it has represented a big success. The Conference would not have been possible without the financial support of several sources. In this respect, we are particularly grateful to the Comitato Organizzatore del VI Centenario, the University of Ferrarra in the Office of the Rector, Professor Antonio Rossi, the Consiglio Nationale delle Ricerche, and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Ferrarra. We should like to thank all of the partlClpants and the speakers, and we are especially grateful to those who have contributed to the present volume. G. Buttazzo, University of Pisa G.P. Galdi, University of Ferrarra L. Zanghirati, University of Ferrarra Ferrarra, May 11 th, 1992 v CONTENTS INVITED LECTURES Liapunov Functionals and Qualitative Behaviour of the Solution to the Nonlinear Enskog Equation .................................................................................. .
Autor: G. Buttazzo
ISBN-13:: 9780306443114
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