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Behavior Analysis and Treatment

NATO Science Series B
Introduction; R. Van Houten, S. Axelrod. Defining an Acceptable Treatment Environment; J.E. Favell, J.F. McGimsey. Building Functional Curricula for Students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities and Severe Behavior Problems; R.H. Horner, et al. Functional Analysis and Treatment of Aberrant Behavior; F.C. Mace, et al. Treatment Classification and Selection Based on Behavioral Function; B.A. Iwatar, et al. The Interpersonal Treatment Model; A. Rolider, R. Van Houten. Ensuring the Competence of Behavior Analysis; G.L. Shook, R. Van Houten. A Decision-Making Model for Selecting the Optimal Treatment Procedure; S. Axelrod, et al. Coordinating the Treatment Process among Various Disciplines; N.B. Swiezy, J.L. Matson. Communication-Based Treatment of Severe Behavior Problems; E.G. Carr, et al. Promoting Generalization; G. Dunlap. Providing Out-clinic Services; D.P. Wacker, M.W. Steege. A Model for Devloping and Evaluating Behavioral Technology; J.M. Johnston. The Development and Evaluation of the Self-Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System; T.R. Linscheid. Index.
In May 1986, the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA) established a task force on the right to effective behavioral treatment. The mandate of this task force was to identify and delineate specific rights as they apply to behavioral treatment. Impetus for this project came in part from the controversy over the use of aversive procedures, which some held had no place in treatment and, with evolution of the treatment process, were no longer necessary. In con trast, others cited evidence that programs based on positive reinforcement alone were sometimes not effective in treating severe problems. These re searchers and practitioners desired to ensure that clients and guardians be permitted to choose treatments that included punishment procedures when assessments warranted their use. The first editor approached Ogden Lindsley, president of ABA, about establishing a task force to examine this isuse. The ABA council decided to broaden the mandate to include an examination of clients' right to effective behavioral treatment in general. The first editor was asked to chair the task force and appointed Saul Axelrod, Jon S. Bailey, Judith E. Favell, Richard M. Foxx, and 0. Ivar Lovaas as members. Brian A. Iwata was appointed liaison by the ABA council.
Autor: Ron Van Houten
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