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Advances in Processing and Pattern Analysis of Biological Signals

Processing and Pattern Analysis of ECG in Health and Disease: ECG Arrhythmia Analysis, Design, and Evaluation Strategies (R. Mark). Adaptive Filtering and Timefrequency Methods for ECG Analysis (N. Thakor). Analysis of the Heart Rate Variability Signal (O. Rompelman). The Heart Rate Variability Signal: Among Rhythms, Noise, and Chaos (S. Cerutti). Processing,Feature Extraction, and Classification of Body Surface Potential Maps (D. Adam). Fetal ECG Detection and Applications (S. Axelrod). Processing and Pattern Analysis of Normal and Pathological EEG: Some Aspects of the EEG as a Stochastic Signal (W. Gersch). Chaos or Noise in EEG Signals: Dependence on State and Brain Site (L. Da Silva). Simultaneous EEG Recording from Olfactory and Limbic Brain Structures (L. Kay, W. Freeman). Markov Analysis of EEG Signal Dynamics (A. Sergejew). EEG Sleep Staging Using Vectorial Autoregressive Models (A. Cohen). Delay Estimation in Epileptic EEG (I. Gath). Investigation of Psychophysiological Phenomena by Processing and Pattern Analysis of Evoked Potentials: Coherence and Bicoherence Methods for Neurological Signal Analysis (N. Thakor). Single Sweep Analysis of Eventrelated Potentials (S. Cerutti). Signal Processing of ERP Components (E. Donchin). Dynamical Analysis and Modeling of the Electroencephalogram (J. Principe). Robust Estimation of Single Trial Movement Related Evoked Potentials (G. Inbar). Testing for Synchronization in Evoked Potentials Using Higher Order Spectra Technique (D. Fuerst). Prototype Waveform Decomposition of Evoked Potentials (H. Prat). Processing and Pattern Analysis of Neuronal Cell Activity: System Identification of Spiking Sensory Neurons Using Realistically Constrained Nonlinear Time Series Models (M. Paulin). Temporal Encoding of Visual Features by Cortical Neurons (L. Optican). Quantification of Synchrony in Neural Populations by Coherence Analysis(C. Christakos). Spatiotemporal Firing Patterns in the Frontal Cortex (M. Abeles). Dynamics of Coherent Firing in Groupsof Cortical Neurons (E. Aertsen). Rapid Modification of Neuronal Interactions: A Possible Role in Internal Representations of Behavioral Events (E. Vaadia). Processing and Pattern Analysis of EMG and Human Movement: Signal Processing Problems in Decomposition of Single Motor Unit Action Potentials (W. Wolf). Multichannel EMG Processing (N. Hogan). Estimation of Neuromuscular Dynamics from EMG Analysis (G. Inbar). Processing and Pattern Analysis of Handwriting Movements (E. BarOn). Characterizing and Modeling Human Arm Movements: Insights into Motor Organization (T. Flash). Index.
In recent years there has been rapid progress in the development of signal processing in general, and more specifically in the application of signal processing and pattern analysis to biological signals. Techniques, such as parametric and nonparametric spectral estimation, higher order spectral estimation, time-frequency methods, wavelet transform, and identifi cation of nonlinear systems using chaos theory, have been successfully used to elucidate basic mechanisms of physiological and mental processes. Similarly, biological signals recorded during daily medical practice for clinical diagnostic procedures, such as electroen cephalograms (EEG), evoked potentials (EP), electromyograms (EMG) and electrocardio grams (ECG), have greatly benefitted from advances in signal processing. In order to update researchers, graduate students, and clinicians, on the latest developments in the field, an International Symposium on Processing and Pattern Analysis of Biological Signals was held at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, during March 1995. This book contains 27 papers delivered during the symposium. The book follows the five sessions of the symposium. The first section, Processing and Pattern Analysis of Normal and Pathological EEG, accounts for some of the latest developments in the area of EEG processing, namely: time varying parametric modeling; non-linear dynamic modeling of the EEG using chaos theory; Markov analysis; delay estimation using adaptive least-squares filtering; and applications to the analysis of epileptic EEG, EEG recorded from psychiatric patients, and sleep EEG.
Autor: I. Gath
ISBN-13:: 9780306452154
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