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Autor: Neil H. Landman
ISBN-13: 9780306452222
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 857
Gewicht: 1710 g
Format: 250xx mm
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 31.05.1996
Phylogenetic Perspective: The Position of the Ammonoidea within the Cephalopoda; T. Engeser. Structure of Hard and Soft Tissues: Morphology of the Jaw and Radula in Ammonoids; M. Nixon. Attachment of the Body to the Shell in Ammonoids; L. Doguzhaeva, H. Mutvei. Ammonoid Shell Microstructure; C. Kulicki. Color Patterns in Ammonoids; R.H. Mapes, R.A. Davis. The Septal Necksiphuncular Complex of Ammonoids; K. Tanabe, N.H. Landman. Buoyancy, Swimming, and Biomechanics: Buoyancy and Hydrodynamics in Ammonoids; D.K. Jacobs, J.A. Chamberlain, Jr. Theoretical Modeling of Ammonoid Morphology; T. Okamoto. Morphogenesis of the Septum in Ammonoids; A.G. Checa, J.M. Garcia-Ruiz. Architecture and Strength of the Ammonoid Shell; R.A. Hewitt. Growth: Ammonoid Embryonic Development; N.H.Landman, et al. Mode and Rate of Growth in Ammonoids; H. Bucher, et al. Mature Modifications and Sexual Dimorphism in Ammonoids; R.A. Davis, et al. Taphonomy: Ammonoid Taphonomy; H. Maeda, A. Seilacher. Ecology: Ammonoid Pathology; R. Hengsbach. Ammonoid Life and Habitat; G.E.G. Westermann. Biostratigraphy and Biogeography: Paleozoic Ammonoids in Space and Time; R.T. Becker, J. Kullmann. Mesozoic Ammonoids in Space and Time; K. Page. Crises in Ammonoid Evolution; J. Wiedmann, J. Kullmann. Ammonoid Extinction; P. Ward. Glossary of Terms. Index.
Autor: Neil H. Landman
ISBN-13:: 9780306452222
ISBN: 0306452227
Erscheinungsjahr: 31.05.1996
Verlag: Springer Netherlands
Gewicht: 1710g
Seiten: 857
Sprache: Englisch
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