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Autor: Robert J. McCaffrey
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The Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology

Critical Issues in Neuropsychology
Meeting Challenges in the Courtroom
The Forensic Neuropsychologists: Precedents, Roles and Problems; A.J. Giuliano, et al. The Forensic Evaluation of Adult Traumatic Brain Injury; A.D. Williams. Flexible Versus Flexible Batteries; A.D. Williams. Special Issues in the Evaluation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury; A.D. Williams. Premorbid Intellectual Functioning and the Determination of Cognitive Loss; J.K. Lynch, R.J. McCaffrey. Neuropsychology in Civil Proceedings; L.C. Laing, J.M. Fisher. Neuropsychology in Criminal Proceedings; D.G. Rehkopf, Jr., J.M. Fisher. Ecological Validity and Forensic Neuropsychological Assessment; C.J. Long, L.F. Collins. Forensic Clinical Neuropsychology as a Paradigm for Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment: Basic and Emerging Issues; A.E. Puente. Strategies for Precluding the Use of Unscientific Neuropsychological Evidence in a Mild Head Injury Case; L.C. Laing, J.M. Fisher. Appendix: Hypothetical Trial Testimony of Dr. C. Index.
The Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology focuses the awareness of neuropsychologists on the critical areas of forensic practice that should be considered during each phase of a scientific neuropsychological examination/investigation. Written by three eminent neuropsychologists and a seasoned attorney, this important book contains practical information and guidelines for conducting valid and reliable forensic neuropsychological examinations that aid the 'trier-of-fact' in both civil and criminal settings. The authors also include vital information to help attorneys evaluate neuropsychological claims put forth by their own or opposing experts.
Editiert von: Robert J. McCaffrey, Arthur D. Williams, Jerid M. Fisher, Linda C. Laing
Dr. Robert McCaffrey is a Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York in Albany. He is a leading figure in the neuropsychology community, a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology and the American Board of Professional Disability Consultants. He is also a Fellow of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the American College of Professional Neuropsychology. In 2006 he will assume editorship of the journal Neuropsychology Review.
Autor: Robert J. McCaffrey
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