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Proceedings of the International Conference on The Nucleus: New Physics for the New Millennium, held January 18-22, 1999, at the National Accelerator Centre, Faure, South Africa
New ideas in nuclear structure physics; N. Rowley. Structure of light mass (exotic) nuclei as evidenced by scattering from Hydrogen; K. Amos, et al. Lifetime measurements and dipole transition rates for superdeformed states in 190Hg; H. Amro, et al. Interactions by inversion; B. Apagyi, et al. K=0+ excitations in deformed nuclei; A. Aprahamian. Competition between beta and double beta decay in 48Ca and 96Zr; M. Aunola, et al. In-beam gamma spectroscopy of very neutron-rich nuclei at GANIL; F. Azaiez, et al. Experimental studies of the Nucleon-Nucleon interaction at KVI with 190 MeV protons; J.C.S. Bacelar. Study of Mass A=30 fission fragments in the 14N + 238U reaction at 10 MeV/A; D.L. Balabanski, et al. ISAC radioactive beam facility at TRIUMF: present status and future plans; G.C. Ball, et al. The pion-nucleus interaction and pionic atoms; R.C. Barrett, et al. Nuclear structure physics at Yale and beyond; C.W. Beausang. Photoactivation of the 180mTa at astrophysically relevant energies; D. Belic, et al. Mirror nuclei and odd-odd N=Z nuclei in the f7/2 shell; M.A. Bentley, et al. Study of the doubly-odd nucleus 66As; A. Bruce. Test of parity doubling in 223Ra and 223Th; P.A. Butler, et al. Angular distribution of protons emitted from oriented nuclei: towards imaging single-particle wave functions; N. Carjan, et al. Probing highly fragmented giant resources: coincidence experiments in the new millennium; J. Carter. Clustering from N/Z=1 to N/Z=2; W.N. Catford. The development and applications of scintillator-photodiode detectors; N.M. Clarke. Present status of NEMO 3: a double beta decay experiment without antineutrino emission; D. Dassie. Collectivity in medium mass N Z nuclei: rotation induced octupole correlations; G. de Angelis. Competition of fission with the population of the yrast superdeformed band in 194Pb; I. Deloncle, et al. New superdeformed bands in 150Gd; S. Etürk, et al. Double-phonon &ggr;-vibration of deformed nuclei; C. Fahlander. N-parity projected BCS theory; H. Flocard, et al. Access to gamma-ray spectroscopy of neutron-rich sdfp shell nuclei; B. Fornal, et al. Applications in nuclear structure of a family of q-deformed algebras; A.I. Georgieva, et al. Magnetic-rotational bands in Pb isotopes; H. Hübel. Meson Production Near Threshold; T. Johansson, et al. Object-oriented programming for nuclear physics measurements; K. Juhász, et al. Recent results from in-beam studies of very neutron-deficient nuclei; R. Julin, et al. Extrapolation of astrophysical S factors to zero energy; S. Karataglidis, et al. Shape-coexistence in 74Kr; W. Korten. High-spin states in the transitional Palladium nuclei; T. Kutsarova, et al. First identification of high spin states in 164Ta; J.J. Lawrie, et al. The use of a realistic effective Nucleon-Nucleon interaction in pre-equilibrium scattering; R. Lindsay, et al. Gamma-ray array physics; C.J. Lister. Study of the strength distribution of the primary &ggr;-rays in the decay from superdeformed states in 194Hg; A.P. Lopez-Martens. &ggr;-ray studies of induced fission 12C+238U; R. Lucas, et al. New measurements of level densities; E. Melby, et al. Study of high-spin states in 190Pt; A. Minkova, et al. Projectile fragmentation studies with the most exotic nucl
The articles in this book cover a broad range of topics in the field of nuclear physics, including many articles on the subject of high spin physics. With an emphasis on the discussion and analysis of future developments within a number of significant areas, the book's attempt to address the status of research at the beginning of the next century is to be welcomed by researchers and students alike.
Autor: F. D. Smit
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