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Advances in Nutrition and Cancer 2. Vol.2

Vol.472, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition and Cancer, held October 20-23, 1998, in Naples, Italy
Preface. Acknowledgments. Epidemiological Studies: Risk Factors and Diets. Diet and Cancer: Perspectives of Prevention; P. Greenwald. Epic - Italy: a Molecular Epidemiology Project on Diet and Cancer; D. Palli, et al. Nutritional Factors in Human Cancers; E. Giovannucci. Alcohol and Cancer; S. Franceschi. Energy Sources and Risk of Cancer of the Breast and Colo-Rectum in Italy; A. Favero, et al. Organochlorines and Breast Cancer. A Study on Neapolitan Women; R. Dello Iacovo, et al. Olive Oil Consumption and Cancer Mortality in Italy: a Correlation Study; A. D-Amicis, S. Farchi. Cell Growth and Differentiation: Molecular Bases of Nutrient Effects. Cell Division Cycle Alterations and Human Tumors; F. Della Ragione, et al. Regulation of p53 Function in Normal and Malignant Cells; V. Tortora, et al. The Role of Micronutrients in DNA Synthesis and Maintenance; R.A. Jacob. Biological Effects of Hydroxytyrosol, a Polyphenol from Olive Oil Endowed with Antioxidant Activity; C. Manna, et al. Protective Effects of Butyric Acid in Colon Cancer; G.L. Russo, et al. Short-Chain Fatty Acid in the Human Colon: Relation to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Colon Cancer; G. D'Argenio, G. Mazzacca. Brassica Vegetables and Cancer Prevention: Epidemiology and Mechanisms; G. van Poppel, et al. Stilbenes and Bibenzyls with Potential Anticancer or Chemopreventive Activity; F. Orsini, L. Verotta. Post-Translational Modifications of Eukaryotic Initiation Factors-5A (eIF-5A) as a New Target for Anti-Cancer Therapy; M. Caraglia, et al. Molecular Epidemiology: an Innovative Trend in Cancer Prevention. Diet, Fibres and Colon Cancer; J. Faivre, Cl. Bonithon-Kopp. Phytochemicals as Modulators ofCancer Risk; H.L. Bradlow, et al. Low Dose Exposure to Carcinogens and Metabolic Gene Polymorphisms; E. Taioli, S. Garte. Carcinogen-DNA Adducts as Tools in Risk Assessment; L. Airoldi, et al. Significance of Genetic Polymorphisms in Cancer Susceptibility; E. Hietanen. DNA Repair Pathways and Cancer Prevention; A.E. Pegg. Nutritional Intervention for Cancer Prevention and Perspectives. Cereals, Fibre and Cancer Prevention; A. Giacosa, M.J. Hill. Carnitine System and Tumor; M. Calvani, et al. Contributors. Index.
This volume includes contributions presented at the Second International Sym posium on Nutrition and Cancer, held in Naples, Italy, in October 1998 at the National Tumor Institute "Fondazione Pascale." During the Conference, experts from different disciplines discussed pivotal and timely subjects on the interactions between human nutrition and the development of malignancies. Comparing the themes of this Meeting with those discussed at the First Sympo sium in 1992, the major scientific advancements certainly derive from the extensive use of molecular approaches to perform research in nutrition. Moreover, the fundamental observation of R. Doll and R. Peto (1981), which suggested that at least 35% of all cancers (with large differences among different tumors) might be prevented by dietary regimens, has been definitively confirmed by epidemiological studies. On the other hand, the relationships between diet and cancer are quite intricate and complex; it is difficult, and at the same time not methodologically correct, to reduce them to simple terms. Metabolic and hormonal factors, contaminants and biological agents, and deficiency of specific protective nutrients are all pieces of the same puzzle.
Autor: Vincenzo Zappia
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