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Autor: Uzi Baram
ISBN-13: 9780306463112
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A Historical Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire

Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology
Breaking New Ground
Preface. Introduction. 1. The Future of the Ottoman Past; U. Baram, L. Carroll. Part II: From Archaeology to a 'History from Below'. 2. Agriculture and Rural Settlement in Ottoman Crete, 1669-1898: A Modern Site Survey; A. Brumfield. 3. The Archaeology of Ottoman Ti'innik, an Interdisciplinary Approach; G. Ziadeh-Seely. 4. Dendochronologically Dated Ottoman Monuments; P.I. Kuniholm. 5. Entangled Objects from the Palestinian Past: Archaeological Perspectives for the Ottoman Period, 1500-1900; U. Baram. 6. Toward an Archaeology of Non-Elite Consumption in Late Ottoman Anatolia; L. Carroll. Part III: Trade, Subsistence, and Ideology in the Ottoman Empire. 7. The Sadana Island Shipwreck: A Mid-Eighteenth Century Treasure Trove; C. Ward. 8. Daily Life in the Shadow of Empire: A Food Systems Approach to the Archaeology of the Ottoman Period; Ø. LaBianca. 9. Transformations, Readings and Visions of the Ottoman Mosque; A.B. Snyder. Part IV: Prospects. 10. Sultans, Merchants, and Minorities: The Challenge of Historical Archaeology in the Modern Middle East; N.A. Silberman. 11. Diverse Approaches to the Ottoman Past: Toward a Globally Conceived, Regionally Specific Historical Archaeology; P.L. Kohl. Appendix A: Chronology for the Ottoman Empire: Some Key Dates in Ottoman History, 1260-1923.
Archaeology in the Middle East and the Balkans rarely focuses on the recent past; as a result, archaeologists have largely ignored the material remains of the Ottoman Empire. Drawing on a wide variety of case studies and essays, this volume documents the emerging field of Ottoman archaeology and the relationship of this new field to anthropological, classical, and historical archaeology as well as Ottoman studies.
Autor: Uzi Baram
ISBN-13:: 9780306463112
ISBN: 0306463113
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 585g
Seiten: 272
Sprache: Englisch
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