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International Handbook of Underwater Archaeology, 2 Vols.

The Springer Series in Underwater Archaeology
Dedication. Contributors. Foreword; J.B. Arnold.Part I: Introduction. 1. Introduction to The International Handbook of Underwater Archaeology; J.F. Barstad, C.V. Ruppé. 2. Timelines of Underwater Archaeology; J.D. Broadwater.
Part II: The Geography of Underwater Archaeology.
Section 1: United States. 3. Maine: The Last Twenty Years; W. Riess. 4. Massachusetts: The Devil to Pay and No Pitch Hot!; V.T. Mastone. 5. The Nautical Archaeology of Lake Champlain; K.J. Crisman. 6. Lake George, New York: Recent Investigations at a Mountain Waterway; J.W. Zarzinski. 7. Underwater Archaeology in Rhode Island; D.K. Abbass. 8. The Maryland/Chesapeake Region; S.B.M. Langley. 9. Maritime Archaeology in North Carolina; L.E. Babits. 10. South Carolina: A Drop in the Bucket; C.F. Amer. 11. Florida; R.C. Smith. 12. The Great Lakes States; J.R. Halsey. 13. Steamboat Archaeology on the Missouri River; A. Corbin. 14. Texas Shipwrecks: Progress in the Decade 1988-1998; J.B. Arnold III. 15. Marine and Underwater Archaeology on the Pacific Coast; J.P. Delgado. 16. Underwater Archaeology Hawaiian Style; H. Van Tilburg.
Section 2: Mexico, Caribbean, Bermuda, and South America. 17. Mexico: A Country with a Rich Underwater Legacy; P.L. Erreguerena. 18. Problems and Progress in the Caribbean; M.E. Leshikar-Denton. 19. Underwater Cultural Heritage in Bermuda; C.E. Smith Jr.,E.C. Harris. 20. Water: A New Field in Argentinian Archaeology; D.C. Elkin.
Section 3: Europe and the Mediterranean. 21. Archaeology in the Marine Environment in Sweden; C.O. Cederlund. 22. Aspects of Maritime History of Finland and the Eastern Baltic; C. Ahlström. 23. England and Wales: Recent Issues in Maritime Archaeology; G.P. Darrington. 24. Shipwreck Archaeology in Scotland; C.J.M. Martin. 25. Underwater Archaeology in the Republic of Ireland; C. Breen, A. O'Sullivan. 26. Maritime Archaeology in Northern Ireland: A Holistic Approach; B. Williams. 27. France; M. Guéerout. 28. Italy; C. Beltrame. 29. New Courses in Maritime Archaeology in Portugal; J.-Y. Blot.
Section 4: The East, Australia, and Africa. 30. Nautical Archaeology in Israel; S. Wachsmann, D. Davis. 31. Underwater Archaeology in Egypt; E. Kahlil, M. Mustafa. 32. Australia, Asia, and the Indian Ocean; J.N. Green. 33. Past, Present, and Future of Maritime Archaeology in South Africa; J. Gribble.
Part III: Issues in Underwater Archaeology.
Section 1: Culture and Law. 34. Wrecked and Abandoned; A.G. Giesecke. 35. Education: The Power Tool of Underwater Archaeology; S.O. Smith. 36. Ethics and Underwater Archaeology; I.R. Mather, G.P. Watts Jr. 37. Public Programs: An Overview; G.P. Watts, I.R. Mather.
Section 2: Technology.
Autor: Carol V. Ruppe
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